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Bulgarian submission for “Oscar” has been chosen

Ivaylo Hristov's film "Fear" ( Strah ) is the Bulgarian choice for participation in the Academy Awards in 2022. This is a story about an unemployed teacher in a village close to the border, through which many refugees pass. She..

13.10.21 13:25 |

For 7 days Varna becomes center of Bulgarian feature cinema

The 39th Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival is being held in Varna. From September 23 to 29 th , the entire production of Bulgarian cinema created after September 2020 will be screened, including 4 premieres. The competition..

23.09.21 13:24 |

Bulgarian film wins animation award at Filmfest Dresden

The film "Aiva" by Bulgarian director Veneta Androva is one of the titles that won awards at the 33rd festival for short and animated cinema in Dresden, Deutsche Welle has reported. Androva's work has won the Golden Horseman award in the..

19.07.21 15:40 |

French Film Festival starts in Sofia

The 10th French Film Festival opens tonight in Sofia. The first screening from the program is today at 19:00 in "Lumiere" cinema at the National Palace of Culture. Movie goers will see the political thriller "Villa Caprice" that has..

09.04.21 06:10 |

Tatyana Lolova – the sun in the constellation of stars of Bulgarian theatre

The Aleko Konstantinov theatre of Satire in Sofia is opening its doors to its brightest star today – Tatyana Lolova. But this time the audience won’t be leaving after watching the actress in one of her memorable roles, they will be..

26.03.21 14:54 |
Tatyana Lolova

Bulgarian stage and screen legend Tatyana Lolova dies aged 87

The great Bulgarian actress Tatyana Lolova passed away at the age of 87. "I'm not a star, I'm a sun," the renowned actress used to say. Tatyana Lolova was born on February 10, 1934 in Bulgaria's capital Sofia. Her father was Bulgarian and her..

23.03.21 19:52 |

Film Director Maya Vitkova-Kosev about doing good, art and living between the two

Whether you approve of women’s day, 8 March, whether you think it is political, ideological or gender equality related, it is a fact with all of the controversy and fascination that go with it. Today we present a young woman who admits that the date, 8..

08.03.21 09:05 |

Mara Noninska vilified for her participation in the first Bulgarian film

On May 16, 1910, a horse-drawn carriage with a crew dressed like circus artists set off from the Modern Theater in Sofia. The phaeton stopped in front of the house of the respected merchant Dimitar Sasselov on Slavyanska Street. There,..

13.01.21 13:52 |

Platform offers viewers Bulgarian cinema and theater

The new streaming platform Gledam.bg promises a longer life for Bulgarian films, even abroad, the Hristo Botev program of the Bulgarian National Radio has reported. The video library offers the richest collection of Bulgarian cinema..

06.01.21 10:16 |

New drive-in cinema, children's theatre open in Sofia

The roof of one of Sofia’s large shopping centres will become the venue of an open-air drive-in cinema and a theatre stage for children. For two weeks, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday there will be two screenings of the latest Bulgarian films...

21.06.20 08:00 |
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