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Strange shadows provoke viewers of the new Bulgarian film January

"Two men and a crow trapped in a snowstorm at the end of the world try to unravel a mystery as it slowly consumes them..."‎ From January 20, the new Bulgarian film "January" is in theatres across the country . It is based on the play of the same..

21.01.23 10:15 |

The 15th edition of Sofia MENAR film festival focuses on Iranian cinema

The Sofia MENAR Festival for films from the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa will start on January 16 in Sofia with the premiere of the Bulgarian documentary "The Spirit of Scheherazade" by Katerina Borisova. The film is..

15.01.23 09:05 |

‎108 years of Bulgarian cinema‎

Today, January 13, we celebrate the Day of Bulgarian Cinema and the professional holiday of everyone involved in film production in Bulgaria . The date is related to the premiere in 1915 of the first Bulgarian feature film entitled “Balgaran e..

13.01.23 14:31 |

Special program marks the 80th birth anniversary of legendary Bulgarian actor Stefan Danailov

"Well, how can I not be satisfied with life? Look how cute I am. I wish my students that God gives them the chance to experience what happened to me in my life. I have already told a lot about life - it is joy, happiness and a smile…"..

05.12.22 15:42 |

Bulgarian films on screen in Tunisia from October 21 to 23

Three documentaries and three contemporary Bulgarian films will be shown in a three-day festival of Bulgarian cinema in Tunisia. The event is hosted by the Palace of Culture in the Tunisian capital. The film festival will be accompanied by the..

21.10.22 08:10 |

Bulgarian directors speak against subsidizing commercial cinema

A feeling of promoting lobbyist interests and lack of constructive dialogue on serious issues in film art, has provoked Bulgarian filmmakers to meet with the Parliamentary Committee on Culture. A number of famous Bulgarian film..

06.02.22 17:25 |

Bulgarian submission for “Oscar” has been chosen

Ivaylo Hristov's film "Fear" ( Strah ) is the Bulgarian choice for participation in the Academy Awards in 2022. This is a story about an unemployed teacher in a village close to the border, through which many refugees pass. She..

13.10.21 13:25 |

For 7 days Varna becomes center of Bulgarian feature cinema

The 39th Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival is being held in Varna. From September 23 to 29 th , the entire production of Bulgarian cinema created after September 2020 will be screened, including 4 premieres. The competition..

23.09.21 13:24 |

Bulgarian film wins animation award at Filmfest Dresden

The film "Aiva" by Bulgarian director Veneta Androva is one of the titles that won awards at the 33rd festival for short and animated cinema in Dresden, Deutsche Welle has reported. Androva's work has won the Golden Horseman award in the..

19.07.21 15:40 |

French Film Festival starts in Sofia

The 10th French Film Festival opens tonight in Sofia. The first screening from the program is today at 19:00 in "Lumiere" cinema at the National Palace of Culture. Movie goers will see the political thriller "Villa Caprice" that has..

09.04.21 06:10 |
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