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Kiril Petkov

Prosecutor’s Office terminates investigation into Kiril Petkov’s citizenship

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor’s Office has terminated the investigation into PM Kiril Petkov’s citizenship. Kiril Petkov was also subject to checks regarding appointments at the Bulgarian Development Bank during his term of office as caretaker Minister of..

16.12.21 16:46 |

Specialized Prosecutor's Office continues to investigate Kiril Petkov’s citizenship case

The S pecialized P rosecutor's O ffice has extended the investigation deadline regarding Kiril Petkov's citizenship until mid-December . The prosecution must rule whether this country‘ s former caretaker M inister of Economy..

29.11.21 12:41 |

Ban on purchase of Bulgarian citizenship planned

The caretaker government proposes to ban acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship in exchange for investments. This is planned in the draft amendment to the Bulgarian Citizenship Act. The amendment would abolish Art. 12a and 14a for..

26.10.21 11:10 |

Kiril Petkov to present document showing he is not a Canadian citizen

Former caretaker Minister and candidate for MP Kiril Petkov will present to the Constitutional Court a document that he is no longer a Canadian citizen within the specified term (until October 9), the press service of the political..

02.10.21 17:34 |

Most applicants for "golden" Bulgarian passport are from China, Russia and the Middle East

The Bulgarian Investments Agency has certified investments made by a total of 981 persons from non-EU countries since 2014. On the basis of these investments they have been allowed permanent residence in Bulgaria or Bulgarian citizenship. This is..

09.08.21 18:09 |

More than 1,000 people received Bulgarian citizenship in beginning of June

About 6,000 people have been waiting to receive Bulgarian citizenship, according to the Ministry of Justice. The procedure for obtaining certificates with a Presidential Decree has been delayed, as there were a large number of Decrees, which the..

15.06.21 10:57 |

Highest number of Bulgarian passports issued to citizens of North Macedonia since start-2021

1,458 people have acquired Bulgarian citizenship since the beginning of the year , Dimitar Zdravkov, a member of the Bulgarian President's Commission on Bulgarian Citizenship, told BNR.  Most Bulgarian passports were issued to citizens of North..

27.02.21 10:56 |

Dr. Abdullah Zargar from hospital in Isperih granted Bulgarian citizenship

Vice-President Iliana Iotova has signed a decree for the acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship by Dr. Abdullah Zargar, director of the hospital in Isperih. The Iranian-born doctor was forced to resign from the post of director after amendments..

05.02.21 15:42 |
Десислава Ахладова

Over 60,000 Macedonians have received Bulgarian citizenship in past 10 years

In the period from January 1, 2010 to October 22, 2020, a total of 77,829 applications were submitted by Macedonian citizens to the Bulgarian Citizenship Directorate at the Ministry of Justice , a reporter from BNR Horizon channel reported from the..

11.12.20 17:31 |

Bulgarian citizenship can be acquired with long-term investments

MPs have adopted at first reading amendments to the Law on Bulgarian Citizenship. They provide for citizenship to be acquired in case of long-term investments and opened jobs. The changes were undertaken after criticism by the EC, which a few days ago..

29.10.20 17:03 |
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