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The Bohemian Rhapsody of Burgas during Socialism

Only in the port of Burgas life fills me with admiration! Thus Bulgarian poet Hristo Fotev began his poem Port (1969). He was one of the most inspiring poets of recent Bulgarian history and an emblematic personality of his native Burgas. Together..

02.07.22 09:10 |

Bulgaria in pictures: A rainy autumn day in Sofia

Rainy autumn in Sofia... Photos: BGNES

11.10.21 09:19 |
Boyko Borissov

Chairman of the Sofia City Council has resigned at request by Boyko Borissov

GERB party leader Boyko Borissov said he had personally called for the resignation of Sofia City Council chair Elen Gerdzhikov . Yesterday, Gerdzhikov, who held the position for almost 10 years, announced that he was resigning over..

22.09.21 16:01 |
Yordanka Fandakova

No stricter anti-coronavirus measures in Sofia are currently necessary

Despite the rise in the incidence of Covid-19 infections, introducing stricter anti-epidemic measures in Sofia is not necessary. This was what mayor of the capital city, Yordanka Fandakova said. Gyms and shopping malls remain open..

15.03.21 16:16 |

Bulgarian-made app helps citizens report city problems

The Bulgarian mobile application "Citizens" enables users to alarm responsible institutions not only about road violations, but also about urban problems such as potholes, abandoned cars, broken signs. The app shortens the path between citizens and..

28.12.18 13:53 |
The monument of St. Sofia, patron of the city

Sofia - ancient city with a place in Europe’s cultural history

September 17, the Feast of St. Sophia and her martyr daughters Faith, Hope and Love, is celebrated as the Day of the City of Sofia. It is believed that the city was named Sofia after the St. Sophia Church. Its theological meaning is the Wisdom of God. The..

17.09.13 10:01 |

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