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Incidents and three injured police officers during 76th night of anti-government protests

Tensions between protesters and police marked the "Third Great People's Uprising" rally, with protesters calling for the resignation of the government and prosecutor general for the 76th consecutive day. The protest began peacefully on the Day..

23.09.20 08:35 |

34 people with charges over clashes in Sofia

Because of clashes during the anti-government protests in Sofia on September 2, 2020 and last night, the prosecutor's office has charged 34 people. 30 of them are accused of hooliganism after throwing improvised explosive devices,..

03.09.20 17:50 |

Tensions in Sofia centre escalate as protesters throw firecrackers at police

Tension has escalated even further on the 56 th day of anti-government protests in Bulgaria marked with clashes, pepper spray and arrests. Protesters threw fireworks, cans, plastic bottles, stones and eggs at the Police cordon formed in front of the..

02.09.20 23:21 |

Clashes take place in Sofia before and after national conference of GERB

Clashes have occurred between masked men and protesters against the government before and after the national conference of GERB political party held today in Sofia .  Some of the young people who attacked the demonstrators also showed physical..

05.08.20 15:04 |

GERB: The president is politically responsible for the clashes

The ruling GERB party has accused President Rumen Radev of the mass riots in front of the Ministerial Council last night during which three police officers were injured and nearly 20 demonstrators were arrested.  "The political responsibility for..

11.07.20 10:50 |
Sofia centre has been blocked by protests

Tensions escalate downtown Sofia as citizens march out in protest

Clashes took place between supporters and opponents of the government and President Rumen Radev at around 8.30 pm during two parallel protests held in front of the presidency and the Council of Ministers in central Sofia . The rapid reaction of the..

10.07.20 23:04 |
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