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Brussels makes three economic recommendations to Bulgaria

In the recommendations of the European Commission to the economies of the EU countries, for Bulgaria it is said that, together with 14 other countries in the community, it does not comply with the requirement for a budget deficit of 3%. The deficit..

24.05.23 17:35 |
outgoing Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov

Bulgaria's outgoing cabinet terminates the memorandum with Gemcorp

Bulgaria’s outgoing Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov has notified Gemcorp Holdings Ltd and IP3 of the termination, by mutual consent, of the non-binding memorandum of understanding that was signed between Bulgaria and the two companies on..

28.07.22 16:28 |
Environment Minister Borislav Sandov during the Conference on the Transport of the Future

Bulgarian state to offer incentives to buyers of electric cars

A new bill envisions encouraging electric mobility and incentives to buy electric cars, Environment Minister Borislav Sandov said at a conference on Transport of the Future and Clean Energy.  In 3 years' time, the Euro 7 standard will be mandatory..

12.04.22 14:54 |
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