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Bulgarians in the country and abroad elect a new parliament

Polling day, on which Bulgarians are electing 240 men and women to represent them in the 48 th National Assembly, started at 7.00 AM. This is the 4 th election for parliament held in the country in the past 18 months. 22 parties and 6..

02.10.22 07:15 |
Voting machine

Lots to be drawn today for ballot numbers for parliamentary election on 2 October

The numbers under which the parties and coalitions will be put down on the ballots for the upcoming election for parliament on 2 October will become clear today, 31 August. Lots will be drawn for the numbers in public, a procedure..

31.08.22 07:10 |
Central Electoral Commission

24 parties and 7 coalitions register for participation in parliamentary election on 2 October

24 parties and 7 coalitions submitted applications, to the Central Electoral Commission, CIC, for registration for participation in the election for parliament on 2 October, 2022, as of 5 PM today, the registration deadline. The CIC is to check..

17.08.22 18:28 |

Elections for members of parliament held for second time this year

The election day on which Bulgarian citizens are voting for members of the 46 th National Assembly, started at 7 AM and will continue until 8 PM Bulgarian time. 15 parties and 8 coalitions are vying for seats in the parliament of Bulgaria...

11.07.21 07:05 |

One more election campaign kicks off in Bulgaria

As of today the election campaign is officially on in Bulgaria, after none of the parties from the previous, 45 th National Assembly, the elections for which took place on 4 April this year, were able to form a cabinet. The new elections are..

11.06.21 12:25 |
Central Election Commission

Ballot numbers for 11 July parliamentary elections drawn by lot

The numbers of the parties and coalitions on the ballot for the parliamentary elections on 11 July were drawn by lot at the Central Election Commission. GERB-SDS will be taking part in the snap election under number 5. Bulgarian Socialist..

09.06.21 13:48 |

Gallup: GERB-SDS wins parliamentary elections in Bulgaria

Results of the exit polls by Gallup polling agency, partner of the Bulgarian National Radio, show that voter turnout by the end of election day at 20:00 was 48.1%. Data show the following distribution of votes after the parliamentary..

04.04.21 21:10 |

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