The BNR Symphony Orchestra performing in Bulgaria Concert Hall

The BNR Symphony Orchestra will open the year with a World Premiere

With a world premiere, the Symphony Orchestra of the BNR will open the new ‎year 2023 with the guest conductor Konstantin Dobroikov.‎ In addition to the overture "King Lear" by Hector Berlioz and ‎Symphony No. 40 by ‎Mozart, included in the..

20.01.23 09:43 |

Mario Stantchev New Bulgarian Trio with a concert at the Lyon Opera House

Music from Monk and More , a project by renowned jazz composer and pianist Mario Stantchev, will be performed on 10 January, in one of the Lyon Opera House ’s concert spaces. It will be presented by Mario Stantchev New Bulgarian Trio, featuring..

10.01.23 10:49 |

Sofia invites residents and guests of the city to welcome the New Year with a festive concert

Intensive preparations for the New Year's concert "Stage under the stars"  in Sofia are already in full swing . The festive concert is organized by the Sofia Municipality, after a two-year break due to the pandemic. The New Year's..

31.12.22 07:05 |

Gabrovo residents celebrate the New Year frugally on December 30

The residents of the town of Gabrovo (Central North Bulgaria) will bid farewell to 2022 with a festive concert and fireworks on December 30. According to Mayor Tanya Hristova, it has already been empirically proven that the day before New..

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Maria Murafchieva

Maria Mutafchieva-Mary: The most precious gift are the happy days with our nearest and dearest

It is that time of the year again when the excitement of the coming festive season mounts with every passing day. But the smiles, the hugs, the gifts at Christmas time would ring hollow without… music. One of Mary Boys Band’s most..

22.12.22 10:30 |

Youth formation of the first boys' choir in Bulgaria marks 25th anniversary

The youth formation of the Sofia Boys Choir celebrates its 25th anniversary with a concert on December 10 at 6:00 p.m. in the big hall of the National Music Academy ˮProf. P. Vladigerov". The "Sofia Boys Choir" association is..

09.12.22 08:20 |

Pop diva Lili Ivanova sings to an audience of 15,000 at Sofia Arena

Pop diva Lili Ivanova ended her national tour with a concert at Sofia Arena, where she performed to a packed house of over 15,000. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just want to say that when I had an opportunity to emigrate, a..

05.12.22 10:12 |
The BNR's Mixed Choir

BNR’s Mixed Choir ends season with jubilee concert featuring works by Bulgarian composers

In 2022 the Bulgarian National Radio’s Mixed Choir started its 70 th season, which will end on 23 November with a concert at the Central Military Club in Sofia. The concert will feature works by Apostol Nikolaev-Strumski, Stefan Mutafchiev, Georgi..

23.11.22 09:52 |

"Why?" - A beautiful personal confession

A few days ago, an impressive concert took place in Sofia with the participation of favorite Bulgarian actors, who performed songs written especially for them. Igor Markovski is the author and producer of the project called "The Singing..

07.11.22 15:52 |

Vesko Eschkenazy about the new video to the project “In the World of Music” and the concerts in Silistra and Ruse

In the beginning of October, the Gewandhaus Orchestra’s Concertmaster Vesko Eschkenazy, accordionist Veronika Todorova and conductor George Miltiyadoff presented their first joint video. It is based on Dance of the River, an author’s piece by..

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