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Participants in the discussion dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the new Bulgarian constitution, among them caretaker Justice Minister Yanaki Stoilov (second from the left)

Fewer MPs and shorter term of office for prosecutor general are most desired constitutional changes: survey

In a survey regarding the most desired changes to the constitution, the greatest number of respondents say they want fewer MPs, no more than two terms of office for the prime minister and a shorter term of office for the prosecutor general (currently..

14.05.21 18:23 |

Prosecutors’ association challenges proposal for closing of specialized court and prosecutors‘ office

The Association of Prosecutors in Bulgaria has approached the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Venice Commission and the ambassadors of the EU countries, USA and Great Britain in Sofia regarding “inadmissible interference in the..

05.05.21 10:27 |
The National Assembly building in 1886, Sofia

Voting in Bulgaria was not born yesterday - Part III

The evolution of elections in post-liberation Bulgaria passed from an initial self-organization of electoral bureaus and a majority voting system, to the introduction of proportional representation, the first printed ballots and registration of..

02.04.21 15:48 |

Revocation of basic rights because of fines is unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court has unanimously declared the revocation of a driver's license and banning of cars from the road over unpaid fines unconstitutional . The case was initiated at the request of ombudsman Diana..

23.03.21 15:18 |

The National Assembly building, the symbol of Bulgarian parliamentarianism

After Bulgaria’s liberation from Ottoman domination in 1878 a process of gradual restoration of statehood began. Under the influence of Europe the idea emerged of a constitution and a parliament to forge the laws of a free Bulgaria. The beginning of..

23.02.21 13:59 |
BSP MP Krum Zarkov

Parliament rejects draft on constitutional amendments

The draft of a new constitution and for convening a Grand National Assembly submitted by the government was rejected by the Bulgarian National Assembly. The draft failed to collect 160 votes or a majority of two-thirds, BTA informs. 111 MPs from..

25.11.20 13:00 |

Opposition boycotts parliamentary committee on new constitution

The majority of MPs have approved a temporary parliamentary committee to consider the draft new Constitution proposed by GERB. It will work for two months and must make concrete proposals on the draft. The decision was supported by 116 MPs, 60..

02.10.20 13:49 |

President Rumen Radev: I will only propose changes to the constitution after new elections

President Rumen Radev declared he would submit his proposals for changes to the constitution after the holding of new parliamentary elections. In his words there is no reason why he should submit his proposals for constitutional changes with..

29.09.20 14:54 |
European Parliament building

DRFMG asks Prosecutor General Geshev whether he investigates Premier Borissov

"Recently the Spanish media published information on an ongoing investigation connecting allegedly the   PM Borissov with a money launering scheme in Barcelona .  Is the Bulgarian Prosecution working on this case, having mind that it received signal on..

16.09.20 11:33 |

Tsveta Karayancheva: GERB is getting ready for regular elections

The procedure for the examination of the new constitution starts in two months’ time, National Assembly President Tsveta Karayancheva told reporters. She added that GERB party was getting ready for the regular parliamentary elections in the..

08.09.20 13:54 |
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