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Bulgaria to open 165 polling stations in Turkey, 120 in Great Britain and 77 in Germany

Bulgaria is still waiting to obtain the consent of Germany, Canada, Italy and Austria to hold the parliamentary elections on their territory, the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. The Central Election Commission is expected to..

08.09.22 11:46 |
Professor Radka Argirova

Epidemiologist Radka Argirova: Covid-19 cases will peak in October

The coronavirus pandemic will peak again in October, said epidemiologist Radka Argirova. "This peak will not be that high or dangerous, but it will last longer," Professor Argirova said. In her words, no new Covid-19 variants have been..

08.09.22 11:25 |

Two Covid-related deaths in past day

There were 222 new coronavirus cases in Bulgaria in the past day, which is 22 cases less in comparison to a day earlier. 71% of the newly infected were non-vaccinated citizens. 6.8% of 3,266 tests returned positive result, according..

18.04.22 09:25 |

Bulgaria’s tourism on edge – the situation is unpredictable

After starting to recover slightly from the coronavirus pandemic, Bulgaria’s tourism is now facing an even more critical situation- the war in Ukraine. Bulgaria and Ukraine border with the Black Sea, which would inevitably affect tourism in..

31.03.22 16:35 |

Educational initiatives in Central Balkan National Park resume

Educational initiatives in the Central Balkan National Park resume after a two-year break caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Students will be able to participate in a new program which aims to diversify the learning process related to nature..

20.03.22 17:52 |

“Freedom Convoy” in Sofia- without leaders, parties and scenario

Canada’s largest protest against the pandemic measures has been going on for more than a week. Protesters in Sofia and other European countries also followed the example of those who organized the rally in Canada. Fewer people rallied in..

08.02.22 17:33 |

Bulgaria launches an online system for registration of volunteers wishing to help hospitals in the fight against Covid-19

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Health has launched today a web-based system for registration of volunteers wishing to help hospitals in the fight against Covid-19.  The initiative addresses the deficit of frontline workers in hospitals. It is also a result..

07.02.22 17:09 |
Angel Kunchev

Angel Kunchev: Omicron variant could put an end to the Covid-19 pandemic

The Omicron wave is now peaking in Eastern Europe. The same thing happened in Western Europe some 2 to 3 weeks ago, Bulgaria’s Chief State Health Inspector Associate Professor Angel Kunchev said for the BNT. In his view, the number of new..

18.01.22 10:37 |

Hospitals in Sofia to suspend elective surgeries on January 12

As of  January 12,  Wednesday, planned admissions, elective surgeries and hospital visits in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia will be suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate announced. , Exceptions will be made..

10.01.22 17:04 |

Online guide to improve mental health amid the Covid-19 pandemic

A free online guide will help people improve their mental health amid the coronavirus pandemic. " T wo years ago , one in six people felt anxious, whereas now , one in three people feel anxious. In certain professions all people feel..

10.01.22 13:11 |

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