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Elena Yoncheva

MEP Elena Yoncheva: EP is discussing sending a mission to Bulgaria

“The European Parliament’s democracy monitoring group  is discussing, on 5 February, whether to organize a mission at the end of summer to look into corruption and the rule of law in Bulgaria,” Bulgarian Progressive Alliance of Socialists and..

05.02.21 12:54 |
Leader of Yes, Bulgaria party, Hristo Ivanov

State-owned company in charge of country's motorways accused of corruption

The political party "Democratic Bulgaria" will refer to the European Commission and the Commission for Protection of Competition a signal for violation of the legislation on public procurement by the state-owned company "Avtomagistrali" in charge of..

28.01.21 17:22 |

Problems plaguing Bulgarian judiciary are systemic

The role of the Prosecutor General, his accountability and criminal responsibility is not the only problem of the justice system in Bulgaria and the fight against corruption . This was what U.S. Embassy Resident Legal Advisor Jessica Kim has said...

28.01.21 16:11 |

Bulgaria with highest perceived level of corruption in EU

Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary hold the last place in the EU when it comes to successful battle with corruption. This has become clear from the results of the Corruption Perceptions Index 2020, presented by Transparency International...

28.01.21 12:33 |
BSP MP Dragomir Stoynev

Verbal skirmish between Bulgarian MPs over EP resolution

The political parties represented at Bulgaria’s National Assembly exchanged declarations over the resolution on the rule of law in Bulgaria adopted by the European Parliament. Dragomir Stoynev from the Bulgarian Socialist Party criticized the..

09.10.20 11:16 |

European Parliament is to discuss civil protests in Bulgaria in today's session

The European Parliament is to discuss today, October 5, the ongoing anti-corruption protests in Bulgaria demanding the resignation of the Bulgarian government and prosecutor general Ivan Geshev, BNR's correspondent in Brussels Angelina Piskova reported...

05.10.20 08:58 |

“Justice for All” calls for radical judicial reform

The 84th anti-government protest is planned to take place this evening in Sofia. The Justice for All initiative will protest in front of the Sofia Court House, demanding the resignation of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev, of the Supreme..

30.09.20 08:58 |

Reforms must be carried out by political forces

The protests reject dishonest and incompetent government, wasting intellectual and material resources. All major political forces have created this system, steeped in corruption and arbitrariness , Albena Azmanova, a lecturer of Political Theory..

22.09.20 10:30 |
Petar Ivanov

Bulgaria is 74th in global corruption ranking

Corruption, slow justice and unpredictability caused by frequent legislative changes are what foreign investors in Bulgaria face , the annual report of the US Department of State on the investment climate in 170 countries reads. “Bulgaria is ranked 74..

16.09.20 10:49 |

Business: perception of lack of rule of law increases

State interference in business due to political bias is a crime. The perception of a lack of rule of law and security of private property has increased . This is what the official position of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association in..

10.09.20 18:16 |
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