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New social measure for the unemployed

The Ministry of Social Affairs has been planning a new measure in the coronavirus crisis - to provide assistance of about 12 euros per day directly to workers who have lost their jobs because of closed businesses, Minister of Social Affairs Denitsa..

01.11.20 14:55 |

Without incentives for consumption, economy will take a plunge

A national center should be set up as soon as possible to manage the crisis and have the power to impose strict sanctions and a strict regime of conduct, Prof. Preslav Dimitrov, dean of the Faculty of Economics at SWU Neofit Rilski, has told BNR. He..

01.11.20 10:47 |

Deputy PM Donchev: National plan for coping with crisis belongs to the entire society

After the pandemic, our strategic goal in the EU is to invest with long-term prerequisites for economic growth, said Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev.  Today he presented, online, a draft National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability of..

30.10.20 16:51 |
Minister of Health Dr. Kostadin Angelov

Current Covid-19 situation in Bulgaria: Frontline medical professionals are not enough

The serious shortage of frontline doctors and nurses is the biggest problem the healthcare system in Bulgaria is currently faced with, Minister of Health, Dr. Kostadin Angelov said at a briefing of the National Coronavirus Response Headquarters...

22.10.20 14:56 |

CITUB: Debt is largely mandatory

The Bulgarian state has placed two 2.5 billion-euro loans on international markets with maturities of 10 and 30 years. The yield is 0.4% for 10-year bonds and 1.48% for 30-year bonds. This has been a record low interest rate ever received by the..

24.09.20 15:58 |

10% rise in expenditures on salaries

Despite the crisis over the Covid-19 pandemic, business and government spending on wages is rising. According to the National Statistical Institute, in the second quarter of the year the total costs per hour of work increased by an average of 9.9..

21.09.20 18:10 |

Banking system not severely affected by coronavirus crisis

The banking system has not been directly hit by the coronavirus crisis. At the moment it is stable and there is no increase in interest rates on loans, banker Levon Hampartzoumian has told bTV. Comparing the current financial crisis with the..

20.09.20 16:56 |

PM Boyko Borissov: Consolidated nations will be the first to deal with Covid-19

Consolidated nations will be the first to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis. Others will fall into severe political crises and it will not be possible to take quick and adequate measures. This was what Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said during his..

01.09.20 18:15 |

New anti-crisis measures to support business in Bulgaria

The funds under the European Commission’s initiative React EU for the fight against Covid-19 and the economic crisis in Bulgaria will be allocated in two directions. This became clear after the meeting of Minister Lachezar Borisov with the trade..

13.08.20 16:51 |

Experts predict growth of bank deposits due to Covid-19

Banks' interest incomes on loans have decreased, while their interest expenses on deposits are on the rise. In the near future, the trend of deposit growth and slowdown in lending activity will continue to develop. This is the forecast of the..

06.08.20 19:12 |

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