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Undeclared currency worth €400 thousand seized at the Kapitan Andreevo BCP

Customs officers found undeclared currency worth just over €400,000 during checks on three vehicles at the Kapitan Andreevo BCP, the Regional Press Centre of the customs in Svilengrad said.  In a car travelling from Turkey to the UK, the..

10.05.23 15:32 |

Christians mark Day of St. Sylvester

On January 2, Christians pay honor to Saint Sylvester - Pope of Rome, who officially baptized Emperor Constantine I the Great. According to popular beliefs, Saint Sylvester is considered the patron saint of animals. In..

02.01.23 12:25 |

7 Bulgarian idiosyncrasies that are puzzling to foreigners

Bulgaria is a beautiful, safe and secure country, Bulgarians are welcoming people, ever ready to show the world their best. But there are some Bulgarian idiosyncrasies that a foreigner finds hard to understand. Here are some of them: “Do..

11.05.22 16:10 |
Kapitan Andreebvo border check point

Almost 7 kgs. of gold intercepted at Kapitan Andreevo border check point

During a routine random check, the customs officers at Kapitan Andreebvo border check point intercepted almost 7 kgs. of gold jewellery, worth close to EUR 413,300, the regional press service of the Customs Agency, Svlilengrad has..

23.03.22 16:23 |

Golden sieve, silk sieve…

The sun, deified since ancient times, gives life to all living things and is responsible for nature’s rebirth. Under its miraculous rays crops and fruit ripen, newborn animals grow up, and people show gratitude and hope to enjoy its gracious..

02.01.21 07:25 |

A look at New Year’s traditions for health and prosperity

We are sending off a difficult year, full of unexpected events and changes. In isolation or simply observing social distancing, whether or not theyagree with the measures against the as yet new virus, people are thinking about the future,..

31.12.20 14:50 |

Bulgarian children in UK’s Reading in expectation of Christmas and New Year

When Victoria Vlahovska moved to Reading, UK, it turned out that the Bulgarian school that her daughter was supposed to attend to study her native language was more than an hour’s drive away. However, the Bulgarian diaspora in Reading is large,..

21.12.20 12:46 |

Half ton of Russian vodka, pharmaceuticals with narcotic substance seized at Danube Bridge checkpoint

Customs officers at the Danube Bridge border checkpointhave intercepted more than half a ton of Russian vodka and pharmaceuticals with a narcotic substance. The delivery was spotted by inspectors from the Department for Combatting Drug Trafficking during..

05.07.16 14:40 |
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