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VP Iotova: The Republic of North Macedonia itself is blocking its EU membership

The Republic of North Macedonia itself is blocking its EU membership, Vice President Iliana Iotova told journalists in the village of Ilindentsi (Southwestern Bulgaria), where she is attending the Gods of Wine Festival. “Bulgaria is adamant, - Ms...

04.02.23 16:56 |

Georgi Bardarov: We need to change the philosophy of our education system

The demographic crisis in Bulgaria has been sparking public discussions for a long time. And although each government steps in with promises to counter this alarming trend, the results are rather alarming and cause a feeling of helplessness. Georgi..

20.06.22 12:24 |

Bulgaria is shrinking because of low incomes and ineffective legislation

The population of Bulgaria has declined by around one and a half million in the past 10 years, indicate National Statistical Institute data from the latest census of the population conducted at the end of 2021. If current death rate, birth rate..

14.06.22 10:24 |

International conference in Sofia looks into demographic problems, aging population

Demographic development, globalization, digitalization and rapid technological development are the core of a new reality, said Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev at the opening of an international conference on demographic sustainability in Sofia. In..

01.12.21 14:07 |

Children in town of Novi Iskar to study in outdoor classrooms

Students at the 171st “Stoil Popov” school in the town of Novi Iskar will be spending more time outdoors after attendance classes resume on April 12 . New classrooms will provide an opportunity to hold classes in the open air when the weather is..

03.04.21 06:00 |
Iliana Iotova

Bulgaria top of the list of European countries in mortality rate and fifth in aging population

The mortality rate in Bulgaria is 60 percent higher than the birth rate. The country is top of the list of countries in Europe in mortality rate and fifth in aging population. Almost 5 percent of the existing towns and villages are completely..

26.10.18 11:37 |

Reversing demographic crisis requires new emigration policy: Deputy PM Valeri Simeonov

To solve Bulgaria’s demographic issues efforts in the coming 3.5 years will be aimed at boosting birthrate, cutting youth emigration and promoting a new emigration policy. This was the answer of Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov to..

10.11.17 16:11 |

Kornelia Ninova: President Radev agreed to summon Consultative Council on National Security over demographic crisis and poverty

During the meeting with President Rumen Radev we confirmed our stand that we are to remain an opposition at the 44 th National Assembly due to the will of the Bulgarian people, the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party Kornelia Ninova said after the..

25.04.17 16:16 |
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