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VP Iotova: The Republic of North Macedonia itself is blocking its EU membership

The Republic of North Macedonia itself is blocking its EU membership, Vice President Iliana Iotova told journalists in the village of Ilindentsi (Southwestern Bulgaria), where she is attending the Gods of Wine Festival. “Bulgaria is adamant, - Ms...

04.02.23 16:56 |

Bulgaria's population has declined by 11.5% in the past decade

The population of Bulgaria was 6, 519,789 as of September 7, 2021. There are 3, 383, 527 women (51.9% of the population) and 3,136,262 men (48.1% of the population). There are 927 men per 1,000 women, the National Statistical Institute said...

03.10.22 11:58 |

The village school in Bulgaria’s Stoletovo – from ruins to grandeur

When we compare the past and present of Bulgarian villages, we inevitably tend to think of the village schools. They were usually housed in a building with spacious rooms and tall windows, which let in a lot of light for the little ones who had..

09.11.21 15:55 |
The concentration camp on Persin Island

5 captivating dark tourism locations in Bulgaria

Can tourism be dark and gloomy and even evoking painful memories and emotions? The answer is clearly seen in the great interest shown in possibilities for visiting abandoned old factories, administrative buildings, hospitals, churches,..

20.06.21 08:00 |

Bulgarian villages turning into demographic deserts

The population of Bulgaria is currently about six and a half million people. Processes of population decline in the country have been deepening and the gloomy forecasts by researchers indicate that by 2040 Bulgaria’s population will decline by..

16.06.21 16:05 |
Magdalena Kostova

Serious rise in mortality in Bulgaria

The coronavirus epidemic is one of the reasons for the rise of mortality in Bulgaria . 124,000 Bulgarians died in the past year while the average annual level in the previous 10 years was about 108,000-110,000 people , Magdalena..

13.04.21 12:00 |

People come and go but legends remain in Shishentsi village

Shishentsi, a village in Vidin region is located in Bulgaria’s northwesternmost point, just 5 kms. from the border with Serbia. According to the oldest available records, the village was founded in the 19 th century by Grandpa Shishko from..

09.04.21 12:13 |

Inhabitants of Botevo trust in God to revive their village

Fifty people continue to live in the Bulgarian village of Botevo. The Thracians were the first to settle in the lands of the village near Vratsa ( Northwestern Bulgaria ), before the Romans left their mark in the area. After the Liberation..

13.02.21 07:15 |

Three-quarters of Bulgarians live in big cities

73,7 % of the Bulgarians live in the big cities. Over one-third of the Bulgarians live in big cities whose population exceeds 100,000 people. That is why our main task is to stop the depopulation and create good living conditions in the smaller towns..

30.05.19 14:09 |

By 2030 one in five town and village will be depopulated

By 2030, 42 percent of Bulgaria’s population will be concentrated in six cities - Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse and Stara Zagora. At the same time one in five town and village in the country will have been depopulated, indicates a demographic..

18.10.18 15:48 |
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