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Kapitan Andreevo border crossing

Parliamentary committee checks whether private companies have siphoned off money at the Bulgaria-Turkey border

Private companies organizing disinfection and sanitary control at  two Bulgaria-Turkey border checkpoints earned tens of millions of Euros . This beca m e clear at today's meeting of the National Assembly Ad Hoc Revision Committee for..

31.08.21 18:37 |

On election day voters will take off their masks to be identified

The Ministry of Health has issued instructions regarding the holding of the elections for National Assembly of Bulgaria on 11 July. Due to the epidemic situation voters must wear masks throughout the entire procedure and observe a distance of..

16.06.21 10:15 |

Day of election silence before vote in Bulgaria

Saturday is the day of silence before the elections in Bulgaria. Political campaigning is absolutely forbidden 24 hours before election day and on election day itself. In addition to forbidden political campaigning, the law does not..

03.04.21 07:00 |

Bulgaria's Bansko resort is ready for the winter season

Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova has inspected accommodation and ski facilities in the winter resort of Bansko. This was announced by the Ministry of Tourism. The Minister wanted to personally make sure that the..

10.11.20 17:01 |

Bulgarian Medical Association warns against downplaying Covid-19 threat

Against the backdrop of dozens of human tragedies related to the pandemic in Bulgarian, contradictory statements continue to be made in the media and public space, unsupported by scientific facts, expressing only personal opinions related to wearing..

25.09.20 17:18 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 169

Bulgaria reports 96 new cases of Covid-19 96 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Bulgaria in the past 24 hours out of 3,402 PCR tests performed, data of the Single Coronavirus Information Portal show .  Most new cases have been..

23.08.20 17:02 |

Number of charter flights to Varna and Burgas fall significantly

The number of charter flights to Bulgaria’s coastal city of Varna decreased by 80% in the current summer season. The number of charter flights to Burgas decreased by 83%, data of Varna and Burgas airports show . According to the Chief Executive of..

12.08.20 16:50 |
Council of Ministers

Council of Ministers building closed because of two coronavirus cases

In connection with two cases of employees infected with Covid-19 from the administration of Bulgaria's Council of Ministers, its main building in central Sofia will be closed on Tuesday, July 21, for a complete disinfection. All employees will be tested..

20.07.20 19:34 |

Strict anti-epidemic measures at Sofia Airport

Covid-19 continues to affect traveling both to Bulgaria and from this country to other European countries and the world. Despite recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Bulgarian citizens to refrain from unnecessary trips, if one..

02.07.20 14:38 |

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Finance to be closed for a day over Covid-19 case

The Bulgarian Ministry of Finance will be closed for disinfection on June 25 after an employee of the ministry tested positive for Covid-19. All people who contacted with the infected person will undergo tests for coronavirus. Services for citizens..

24.06.20 18:09 |

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