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Education Minister: For time being masks will not be mandatory during school classes

In the event of 20% of students with symptoms similar to Covid-19 or seasonal flu, the entire school will be closed and classes will be taught remotely. This was said in an interview with bTV by Bulgaria's Minister of Education Krasimir Valchev. This..

21.10.20 10:58 |

Education Minister says there will be no more flu vacations

"Students will no longer go on flu vacations and, if necessary, will study remotely," Bulgaria's  Education Minister Krasimir Valchev told Nova TV. Regarding the coronavirus, he added that the negative scenarios were coming true and the situation would..

26.09.20 11:37 |

Bulgaria reports 0.4% of school classes affected by coronavirus

With EU funds, we will buy at least 80,000 tablets - 20,000 for teachers, and a minimum of 60,000 for students. They will be earmarked for e-learning purposes, Bulgaria's Education Minister Krasimir Valchev said in response to a parliamentary question...

25.09.20 16:47 |

School year in Bulgaria starts with physical attendance with option for distance learning

Traditionally in Bulgaria, students return to school on September 15 th . Following the announcement of the Covid-19 pandemic in March and the subsequent distance learning measures, this will be the first contact of children and youngsters with their..

15.09.20 14:40 |
Bulgarian school in Cyprus

Bulgarian schools around the world welcome their students for new school year

A total of 382 Bulgarian weekend schools located on four continents have opened their doors today for the start of the new school year, Natalia Mihalevska, head of the Directorate "Education of Bulgarians Abroad and School Network" at Bulgaria's..

15.09.20 13:41 |
Minister Krasimir Valchev

Bulgarian schools ready to function amid Covid-19 epidemic

All 2,400 schools in Bulgaria are ready for the start of the new school year on September 15 amid emergency epidemic situation, this country’s Minister of Education and Science Krasimir Valchev said during the official opening of the academic year at..

14.09.20 17:01 |
Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov

New softer measures against Covid-19 enter into force on September 1

Bulgaria’s Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov has issued three regulations that will be in force during the emergency epidemic situation in September. They concern travels to Bulgaria, organization of education and working process..

01.09.20 12:28 |

Majority of Bulgarian teachers oppose distance learning

82% of teachers want a regular learning process from the start of the school year in Bulgaria on September 15th . 13% of teachers are in favour of a learning process in an electronic environment and 6% accept hybrid teaching, according to a survey by..

25.08.20 15:41 |

Three options for the school year depending on epidemic situation

According to the epidemic situation, the Ministry of Education is considering 3 scenarios for the start of the new school year. One is to start with a partial presence in class as students take turns according to their grade. But first graders and..

09.07.20 07:58 |
Education Minister Krassimir Valchev

Education Minister: We will look for the best combination between online and traditional learning

We will strive to provide Bulgarian students with the opportunity for free visualized educational content in all curricula. This was stated in the Parliament by the Minister of Education Krassimir Valchev in response to a parliamentary question about..

12.06.20 18:00 |
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