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PM Petkov in Davos: Regional infrastructure allows for energy diversification of Bulgaria and the Balkans

"We can be optimistic about the next decade if we take into account the lessons of the past 10 years," Bulgaria's Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said during "A Lost Decade?" discussion in the framework of the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in..

25.05.22 18:47 |
Lena Borislavova

Lena Borislavova: Bulgaria’s government is working towards diversification of gas sources

“Bulgaria will not be left without heating this winter. The government has developed a detailed action plan”, Lena Borislavova, head of Premier Kiril Petkov’s office, said for the BNR in response to the following question- how will Bulgaria act if the..

30.01.22 14:42 |

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