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The crisis has heightened Bulgarians’ sense of solidarity

“Solidarity” is the word we associate 2020 with – a year of global medical, social and economic crisis with long-term negative effects. Against the backdrop of the explosive spread of Covid-19 we witnessed an enormous wave of human empathy and..

04.11.21 13:55 |
The Constitutional Court of Bulgaria

Constitutional Court rules that unlimited donations for political parties are unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court has ruled that the legal provisions allowing political parties to receive unrestricted donations from natural and legal persons are unconstitutional. The amendment was made through the transitional and final provisions..

27.04.21 15:16 |

Deadline for disclosure of information about political donations expires on March 10

By March 10, the political parties and coalitions participating at the 2021 Parliamentary elections must submit the information under article 171, paragraph 2 of the Electoral Code to the Unified Register for Election Participants with the National..

10.03.21 06:00 |

Bulgarian companies send donations to Petrinja, Croatia

Sofia sends a truck to Croatia, loaded with aid to the Balkan state after the devastating earthquakes. The initiative belongs to the Croatian community in Bulgaria and is supported by the Sofia Municipality. The heavy truck, which will leave on..

23.01.21 05:55 |
Lady Strangford visiting her hospital in Karlovo

Lady Strangford – the Englishwoman who loved Bulgaria

Immediately after the bloody suppression of the April Uprising in 1876 against the Ottoman rule, prominent European public figures initiated a campaign in defense of the Bulgarian population . Among them was a woman who inscribed her name in..

25.10.20 05:55 |

Young athletes Teodor and Valentin Tsvetkov embark on marathon with noble cause

From September 14 to 20, the brothers Teodor Tsvetkov and Valentin Tsvetkov are holding their new marathon with a noble cause. Within seven days, Teodor will swim a distance of 280 km, and Valentin will run a distance of 280 km. For the..

20.09.20 05:00 |

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Day 22

Eight new cases of COVID-19 registered in Sofia, number of cases in Bulgaria rises to 346 The head of the National Crisis Headquarters Ventislav Mutafchiyski  announced that by 5 pm on March 29 eight new cases were registered in Bulgaria...

29.03.20 19:14 |

The human face of business during COVID-19 epidemic

During the coronavirus crisis that has been raging since March 13 this year, Bulgarian business is showing solidarity and social responsibility every day . And this is happening as business is severely affected by the pandemic and is..

27.03.20 00:31 |

Distribution of one million euro in donations for Hitrino village begins today

The distribution of close to 2 million Leva (1 million euro), raised by donors through the Bulgarian Red Cross in aid of the people of Hitrino village is beginning as of today.   A derailed freight train exploded in Hitrino on 10 December,..

28.12.16 11:26 |
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