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Bulgarian support for Turkey and Syria continues

The campaign of the Bulgarian Red Cross aimed at helping the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria continues with provision of heating appliances, winter tents suitable for living in colder weather and others. In addition to..

24.02.23 10:48 |
Two Spartan military transport aircraft flew the Bulgarian rescuers home last night, another team was flown out to replace them

Death toll from earthquakes in Turkey and Syria could double, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator says

The current death toll from the massive earthquakes in Turkey and Syria could double from its current level , UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths stated. The official death toll in the two countries currently stands 28,191. According to..

12.02.23 09:53 |

Union of International Haulers to transport humanitarian aid to earthquake-hit Turkiye and Syria

The Union of International Haulers has announced that it will transport donations collected to the earthquake-hit areas in Turkiye and Syria. The Bulgarian haulers are in constant contact with various organisations collecting donations, including the..

11.02.23 13:49 |
Town of Dzebel in Kardzali District

The tragedy in Turkey and Syria has united Christians and Muslims

Christians and Muslims in Bulgaria's Kardzhali district united in support of the victims of the devastating earthquake in Turkey . Assistance collection points have been opened in all seven municipalities of the district and large villages. They will be..

09.02.23 15:27 |

Children have collected money for a neonatal respirator for the hospital in Silistra

A neonatal respirator worth 18,410 euros was received by the Department of Neonatology at the regional hospital in the Danubian city of Silistra. The equipment was purchased with small donations collected by Bulgarian children for the..

27.10.22 14:31 |
Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus)

Donations are being collected to save the Egyptian vulture in Bulgaria

Over the last 40 years, the Egyptian vulture population has declined by 83% in Bulgaria. In the coming years, it is expected to disappear completely unless serious efforts are made to restore population levels. The reasons for the rapid decline..

25.06.22 11:10 |

Instead of buying you flowers, ask the wedding guests to donate for new forests

The summer season is not far away, when in addition to enjoying our holidays, we can also... get married. And what's a wedding without a white bridal gown and dozens of beautiful but, alas, ephemeral bouquets of flowers? To spare themselves the..

01.05.22 09:20 |

Initiative for donations to Ukraine sparks discussions in Bulgarian society

"Sending military aid to Ukraine requires political unity, but also unity in society," Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said when announcing a public campaign to raise funds to help Ukraine purchase ammunition. The call caused a wave of..

27.04.22 15:43 |
Bulgarian pupils collected donations to support their peers in Ukraine.

Bulgarian schoolchildren collected aid for Ukraine

Bulgarian school children collected school supplies, backpacks, hygiene materials and cash donations to support their peers in Ukraine . 80 schools in Stara Zagora, 77 in Pazardzhik, 72 in Sofia and 70 in Burgas took part in the campaign...

24.03.22 16:06 |

The Bulgarian Red Cross is sending two more trucks with humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Two more trucks with humanitarian aid for the victims of the war in Ukraine are leaving the headquarters of the Bulgarian Red Cross today, the organization announced. Thanks to the solidarity of thousands of citizens and companies, the Bulgarian Red..

06.03.22 16:44 |
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