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Danube drought threatens riverside ecosystems

Drought, which has swept across Europe, is a growing concern for Bulgarians living along the Danube. The low water level of the river is causing extreme losses to shipping. Hundreds of self-propelled and nonself-propelled vessels are waiting in..

31.08.22 15:08 |
Iskretska River

Slight increase in the flow of the spring supplying drinking water to the flash drought-hit town of Svoge

The water flow from the karst spring that feeds the Iskretska River is slightly increasing , but this is not enough to restore the water supply to the town of Svoge.  A state of disaster has been declared since Monday as the spring has completely dried..

18.08.22 15:44 |

Despite the drought Bulgaria will export 3.7 million tons of wheat

Despite the bad harvest in 2020, the potential for the export of wheat is good, indicates an analysis by the Centre for Agri-Policy Analysis CAPA. The forecast is that by next summer Bulgaria will have sold 3.7 million tons of wheat abroad...

05.10.20 16:14 |

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