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Police confiscates more than 1 kg of cocaine in Bulgaria's Sandanski

Bulgaria's police unit for countering organized crime has seized more than a kilogram of cocaine at the time of a deal being carried out in the town of Sandanski close to the Greek-Bulgarian border.  A total of four people have been detained so far...

12.02.22 11:43 |

Bulgarian drug lord arrested in Ukraine asks to serve his sentence in Bulgaria

Evelin Banev  with the nickname Brendo, who was  arrested in Ukraine after a 3-year international search, has asked to serve in Bulgaria his sentences imposed by a Bulgarian, Romanian and Italian court for drug trafficking, for 6, 10 and 20 years,..

20.09.21 19:08 |

Three Bulgarians transporting 6 tons of hashish arrested near Palermo

Near Palermo, the Italian navy detained three Bulgarians who were transporting 6 tons of hashish worth 13 million euros on a yacht sailing under US flag, the Italian financial police reported, quoted by BNT. A military plane detected the..

20.06.21 15:33 |

Policeman arrested for working as drug courier

An officer in the 6th police station in Sofia was detained yesterday with drugs in his car. At a briefing today, the Ministry of Interior reported that the policeman had been under surveillance for months. His arrest came after an..

16.04.21 14:48 |

183 kilograms of amphetamine found in bushes on Bulgaria- Greece border

The Haskovo District Prosecutor's Office has initiated pre-trial proceedings over trafficking of large amounts of a narcotic substance across the border of this country. On January 25, at the border with Greece near Svilengrad, 8..

04.02.21 17:23 |

Dealers in Sofia distribute illegal drugs inside schools

Sofia police have found that drug dealers are increasingly recruiting students who sell drugs inside the schools and there are almost no dealers around the buildings. The most widely sold drugs in Sofia schools are amphetamines and marijuana. Often..

15.10.20 14:49 |

Prof. Radostina Alexandrova: The stability of Covid-19 allows the development of vaccines and drugs

Currently, Covid-19 is stable enough not to cause problems for the creators of vaccines and drugs, as well as for diagnosis. This was what the virologist from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Prof. Radostina Alexandrova commented for the Bulgarian..

17.08.20 10:36 |

Bulgarian customs officers seize over 100 kilograms of heroin

More than 100 kilograms of heroin were seized at the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint. The drug worth more than 4.5 million euros was found in a truck with Bosnian registration, the prosecution has reported. Three citizens of Bosnia and..

25.05.20 15:11 |

Bulgaria starts production of medicines for COVID-19 treatment

Bulgaria will start the production of the medications chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine known for treatment of malaria. There has been medical evidence that they give good results in the treatment of COVID-19. The technology has already been..

07.04.20 11:43 |

TISPOL operation against drink and drug driving launched

The European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) has launched an operation against driving under the influence. The operation will continue until 17 December in Bulgaria and all countries members of TISPOL. Driving under the influence of alcohol..

11.12.17 15:46 |
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