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Mihaela Marinova and Lubo Kirov- ''Vselena''

Two Bulgarian music celebrities- Lubo Kirov and Mihaela Marinova- are coming together again. We first heard them together in 2020 in a duet version of Lubo Kirov's music hit ‘’Moga/I Can’’. It was so successful that it became one of the new favorite..

29.05.24 10:41 |

I Just Love You: Duo SHIK invites the Sofia audience on a melodic journey

The duo Shik have won a place in the hearts of their fans with their beautiful music - many of their melodious songs have become hits.  The author of Shik's music is Krasimir Gulmezov - an established composer, arranger, instrumentalist and duet..

26.03.24 08:05 |

Militsa Bozhinova and Orlin Goranov present their first duet song ˮQuiet Fireˮ

Two Bulgarian singers with a long and successful career, Militsa Bozhinova (from the emblematic vocal group Tonika SV) and Orlin Goranov, made a duet for the first time. Their song is called ˮQuiet Fireˮ. Momchil Kolev wrote the piece especially for..

29.11.22 14:01 |

"Dance" by Grafa and Beloslava

At the height of summer Beloslava and Grafa presented their new duet song. They did it at a concert in Varna in the middle of July. "Dance" is the third joint project of these popular Bulgarian singers, each of whom has their own successful career. Their..

04.08.22 13:56 |
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