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Krum Zarkov

Krum Zarkov to run for leader of Bulgarian Socialist Party

The Bulgarian Socialist Party had to embark on a course of action towards  this country’s government and stop  the  internal contradictions after Kornelia Ninova was elected a Chairperson of BSP in 2016 and the successful..

28.11.21 17:59 |
Tsvetozar Tomov

Polling stations in Bulgaria are functioning normally

Election day started normally. Only three voting machines have failed. However, voting is taking place via paper ballots in these polling stations, the Spokesperson of the Central Election Commission Tsvetozar Tomov announced. In other polling..

14.11.21 11:30 |
Kamelia Neykova

Bulgaria will need to buy more voting machines if 2-in-1 election is held

Bulgaria will need to buy more voting machines if the Presidential and possible early general elections are held in the same day, said the Chairperson of the Central Election Commission Kamelia Neykova in an interview for the Bulgarian National..

26.08.21 11:21 |

Market Links: ITN party is now third political force

“There is Such a People” (ITN) party which won the early general elections is now the third biggest political force, indicate data of a sociological survey conducted by Market Links, commissioned by bTV and carried out together with bTV.  GERB is again..

26.08.21 10:42 |

Central Election Commission distributes Parliamentary seats among the political forces

There is Such a People party (ITN), which won the snap Parliamentary election in Bulgaria, will have 65 MPs in the 46 th National Assembly, or 14 MPs more as compared to the previous 45 th National Assembly. The coalition GERB-SDS will be..

15.07.21 16:49 |

30-year-old man detained on suspicion of vote buying

A 30-year-old man with a criminal record was detained during a police operation in Haskovo on suspicion of vote buying. P olice searched the man’s home and found money, probably intended for vote buying at the forthcoming early general..

03.07.21 15:19 |
Tzvetozar Tomov

Bulgaria sends more than 400 voting machines abroad

421 voting machines have been already sent abroad for the forthcoming early general elections on July 11 , Tsvetozar Tomov,  spokesperson for the Central Election Commission said for bTV. "Thе re will be tension until the very last moment. We..

28.06.21 14:11 |
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