Without reforms, Bulgaria has seen an increase in economic freedom

Bulgaria rose from 36th to 23rd place among 165 countries in the ranking " Economic freedom around the world 2022 ". The study, presented in Sofia by the Institute for Market Economics, is done every year by Canada's Fraser Institute . Bulgaria's..

09.09.22 12:28 |

Bulgaria is a Balkan leader in economic freedom

Bulgaria has advanced by one position in the ranking of economic freedom of the Heritage Foundation . From 36th place in 2020, it is now 35th in the index out of over 180 countries. The country's score is 70.4 points out of 100 possible points and..

05.03.21 14:06 |

Bulgaria is the freest economy in the Balkans

Bulgaria ranks 36 th in the 2020 Index of Economic Freedom of the Heritage Foundation. Bulgaria’s economic freedom score is 70.2. Its overall score has increased with 1.2 point due to the increase in the score for government integrity. Bulgaria is..

18.03.20 15:59 |

Bulgaria retains positions in world rankings of economic freedom, prosperity and competitiveness

Bulgaria has retained its positions in world rankings of economic freedom, prosperity and competitiveness, the annual review of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry shows. Bulgaria retained its positions in the Index of Economic Freedom of..

03.01.19 12:12 |
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