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BNB Governor Dimitar Radev

BNB: Bulgaria’s economic growth is among the highest in the EU

The performance of Bulgaria’s banking sector has been improving for the fourth consecutive year. Credit activity is among the main factors that contributed to the economic growth in this country, which is one of the highest in the whole EU. The..

09.12.19 11:21 |
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences building

There is an outflow of Bulgarian capital in huge amounts: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Economic Research Institute report

Though good and stable, economic growth in Bulgaria is insufficient for catching up with average European levels, reads the regular annual report on the state of the Bulgarian economy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Economic Research Institute...

04.06.18 16:17 |
Economic growth of the regions in Bulgaria

Regional economic differences in Bulgaria deepening again

The latest research of the Institute for Marketing Economics has established that economic growth has driven apart Bulgaria’s regions even more. After the certain slowing down of this process during the economic crisis in terms of welfare, the..

29.11.17 13:19 |

Overall economic upturn in Bulgaria as European economy picks up: Institute for Market Economics

An overall economic upturn in Bulgaria has been registered in 2016 and 2017, in unison with the upturn in Europe, a survey by the Institute for Market Economics reads. In 2016 economic growth reached 3.9 percent, in 2017 the official forecast..

28.11.17 15:03 |

Bulgaria among top 5 EU countries in economic growth

Bulgaria is among the top 5 countries in the EU in economic growth, the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy announced, citing Eurostat data. This country is in the top 3 countries in low debt, with only Estonia and Luxembourg ahead of Bulgaria. A..

13.11.17 12:43 |
Rumen Radev

What are the socially-significant events that marked 2016?

At the end of every year we usually remember the most important events that occurred during it. Just like these days when 2016 is at its end and we are waiting for 2017 to come. Making charts of this kind is risky, but we probably would not be wrong..

31.12.16 11:15 |

Bulgaria is lagging behind eastern European growth, IMF says

In its report on the condition of the economy after the end of the first quarter of the year, the IMF foresees a GDP growth of 2.3 percent for Bulgaria in 2016 and expects the pace of improvement of the economy to remain unchanged in 2017. Bulgaria is..

13.04.16 14:41 |

World Bank lowers its forecast for Bulgaria’s economic growth

World economic growth will accelerate from 2.4% in 2013 to 3.2 percent in 2014, according to a World Bank report. GDP growth in Bulgaria in 2013 is estimated at only 0.6 percent, while that for 2014 is expected to be at 1.7%, with 1.8% set in the..

15.01.14 14:52 |
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