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IMF head: Bulgaria is not threatened by debt crisis

Bulgaria is not at risk of a debt crisis as a result of its consistent, conservative policy, said Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the International Monetary Fund , in response to a question from Bloomberg TV Bulgaria during a press conference..

19.10.20 18:01 |

Kristalina Georgieva: World economy is in better condition than expected

The current condition of the global economy is not as bad as projections showed several months ago, but the Covid-19 crisis has not been overcome yet, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva said in an..

02.10.20 13:17 |

Vice-President: Money earmarked for measures to address Covid-19 crisis should create jobs

The money earmarked by the EU for measures to address the Covid-19 crisis should drive economic growth, create new jobs and be distributed fairly and reasonably. These funds alone are not a panacea, Bulgaria’s Vice-President Iliana Yotova said at the..

11.09.20 10:22 |

Bulgarian economy expected to recover at end-2021

If there is no second wave of Covid-19, the crisis for the Bulgarian economy will be averagely deep, lasting from 2 to 3 quarters . The annual decline will be from 5 to 7%. The recovery will continue throughout 2021, at the end of which pre-crisis..

27.07.20 17:42 |

EU maintains Covid-19 economic forecast for Bulgaria

Bulgaria's GDP in 2020 will shrink by 7.1%, and in 2021 will return to a growth of 5.3 percent, according to the summer economic forecast of the European Commission . In May, Brussels forecast a decline in the Bulgarian economy of 7.2% for 2020 and..

07.07.20 14:05 |

Critical autumn and economic growth at end of 2020 expected

Bulgaria will probably receive the first EU money to deal with the Covid-19 crisis in October, said Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev. The most acute phase of the economic crisis for us will be in the autumn. All analysts give contradictory..

03.07.20 19:55 |

OECD: Second wave of Covid-19 will shrink the Bulgarian economy by over 8%

The Bulgarian economy grew before the pandemic, but in 2020 it is facing its most serious contraction since the late 1990s. In the most favourable scenario with the epidemic subsiding by the summer, its production will shrink by 7.1% in 2020, and in..

12.06.20 19:05 |

The positive trade balance supports Bulgaria's economic growth

Economic growth in Bulgaria has slowed in the first quarter of 2020, mainly due to weaker final consumption even before the coronavirus pandemic, which severely affected both Bulgaria and the economies of Bulgaria's main trading partner s. This is..

04.06.20 13:19 |

Bulgaria is one of the few countries in the EU with economic growth

The economies of the 27 EU countries contracted at a record high in the first quarter of 2020 by 3.3%. Only 9 countries show a small growth. Among them is Bulgaria with a 2.4% increase in GDP compared to the same period in 2019, Eurostat reported...

15.05.20 15:44 |
BNB Governor Dimitar Radev

BNB: Bulgaria’s economic growth is among the highest in the EU

The performance of Bulgaria’s banking sector has been improving for the fourth consecutive year. Credit activity is among the main factors that contributed to the economic growth in this country, which is one of the highest in the whole EU. The..

09.12.19 11:21 |
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