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"Time with a smile for the lonely elderly" in Burgas

"Time with a smile for the lonely elderly" in Burgas Volunteers from Burgas for yet another year are organizing an Easter campaign "Time with a smile for the lonely elderly", reports BNR Burgas. The idea is to collect food for the needy in the Burgas..

29.03.23 16:14 |

“To grandma and grandpa with love” Easter campaign helps elderly people in need

The Easter campaign “To grandma and grandpa with love” is collecting products for elderly people with impaired mobility who live alone and subsist on an income of EUR 3.50-6.00 a day. The initiative belongs to the Danak Dobro foundation, in..

16.04.22 17:14 |

Vaccination in Sofia’s nursing homes completed

197 people in nursing homes in the Bulgarian capital city have been vaccinated against coronavirus, the Sofia Municipality reported. Residents and employees of a total of seven social institutions have been vaccinated. People..

30.01.21 12:45 |

Sofia municipality reopens hotline for the sick and the elderly

As of today the operations centre of Sofia municipality’s “Emergency assistance and prevention” department is reopening its hotline 02/904 13 97 for applications for the purchase and delivery of basic necessities, food and medicines for senior..

25.10.20 13:54 |

Health Minister: Measures against Covid-19 are sufficient

The measures introduced against the coronavirus infection in Bulgaria are sufficient. There is no need to expand them or introduce new ones. This was stated by Bulgaria's Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov at a briefing after a meeting with the..

04.08.20 18:01 |
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