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One more election campaign kicks off in Bulgaria

As of today the election campaign is officially on in Bulgaria, after none of the parties from the previous, 45 th National Assembly, the elections for which took place on 4 April this year, were able to form a cabinet. The new elections are..

11.06.21 12:25 |

Election campaign ends on 2 April

The election campaign, which started in Bulgaria on 4 March, ends on 2 April. Before election silence day on Saturday and Election Day on Sunday, 4 April, the political party will end their canvassing with various initiatives. Due to the Covid..

02.04.21 06:30 |

Hate speech is now targeted at politicians and health institutions with equal fervor: Yuliana Metodieva

The clock is ticking down to the election for parliament which everyone is describing as the most important election for the road the country is going to tread over the next four years. What makes things different this time is that difficult..

31.03.21 16:42 |

Important topics are missing from the election campaign in Bulgaria

Political analysts describe the election campaign in Bulgaria as sluggish and boring. The parties and coalitions are running an election campaign, as if there were no protests in Bulgaria and no problems exist in this country, said in an..

31.03.21 15:21 |

Covid-19 surge on eve of parliamentary elections could play a nasty trick on political parties

Will the candidates for the new parliament be able to get the better of the most powerful player at these elections – the coronavirus epidemic and model voter attitudes in their own favour? A question even sociologists and..

29.03.21 15:19 |

Election campaign kicks off in Bulgaria

As of today the election campaign is officially on in Bulgaria. It will last 29 days and will officially end at 24.00 hours on 2 April, 2021, by a decision of the Central Electoral Commission. 24 hours before the holding of the parliamentary..

05.03.21 05:15 |

Fear for survival will seriously affect voting at upcoming parliamentary elections: Haralan Alexandrov

The only cure for corporate voting is a maximum mobilization of voters: Evgenii Dainov The election campaign for the parliamentary elections scheduled for 4 April has not started in Bulgaria yet, but experts and political observers..

16.02.21 12:07 |
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