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On 11 July thousands of Bulgarians in Great Britain will vote for a better future for their country

135 is the number of polling stations that will be established for the 11 July elections in the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. After the restriction of having no more than 35 polling places in non-EU counties was done away with, Great..

28.06.21 14:47 |

On election day voters will take off their masks to be identified

The Ministry of Health has issued instructions regarding the holding of the elections for National Assembly of Bulgaria on 11 July. Due to the epidemic situation voters must wear masks throughout the entire procedure and observe a distance of..

16.06.21 10:15 |

Authorities check for illegal voting

According to law, the Department Civil Registration and Administrative Services at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works will check all voters in the country and abroad to determine whether there are people present on..

04.04.21 08:55 |

Central Election Commission approves voting rules for Bulgarians abroad

Voting  begins at 7.00 am on the election day in the presence of at least half of the members of the sectional election commission. According to the Central Election Commission, voting shall continue until 8.00 pm local time and may not end any later..

23.03.21 10:46 |
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