Boom in import of electric and hybrid vehicles in Bulgaria

They are quiet, comfortable, environmentally friendly and efficient. It is not clear whether the motives of Bulgarians to acquire electric vehicles stem from a desire to protect the environment or are rather financial. But one thing is certain –..

26.09.22 15:00 |

Number of electric cars in Bulgaria increases by 82% in one year

As of July 1, 2022, there are 4,614 fully electric passenger cars in Bulgaria , according to data from the Ministry of the Interior, BTA reports.  There is a significantly higher number of hybrid passenger cars which use in addition to..

10.07.22 17:35 |
Environment Minister Borislav Sandov during the Conference on the Transport of the Future

Bulgarian state to offer incentives to buyers of electric cars

A new bill envisions encouraging electric mobility and incentives to buy electric cars, Environment Minister Borislav Sandov said at a conference on Transport of the Future and Clean Energy.  In 3 years' time, the Euro 7 standard will be mandatory..

12.04.22 14:54 |

Bulgaria does not have an electric vehicle infrastructure

Bulgaria is among the countries of the EU with the smallest number of charging stations for electric vehicles per 100 kms. of roads, indicates a survey by the Association of Car Manufacturers. In 10 EU countries electric car drivers have to..

13.09.21 11:02 |
Kiril Petkov, caretaker economy minister (left)

Economy Minister grants investment certificates to two high-tech companies in Bulgaria

A Bulgarian company for the development of space nanotechnology and a company for manufacturing of electric cars have received investment certificates. The certificates were granted by Bulgaria's caretaker economy minister Kiril Petkov. The two..

05.08.21 15:08 |
Caretaker Economy Minister Kiril Petkov

European manufacturer of electric cars ready to invest 140 million euros in Bulgaria

A European manufacturer of electric cars has expressed interest in investing 140 million euros in Bulgaria. The deal is in its final stages. This was announced at a briefing by the caretaker Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov.  He also pointed out..

06.07.21 18:04 |

Balkan Developments

Albania is the country with highest asylum applications per capita ratio Albania tops the 2020 list of countries in terms of the number of asylum applications per capita, reports BGNES. According to a report of the United Nations, in..

19.03.21 13:42 |

Number of gas-powered cars and electric cars in Bulgaria increases by 50%

At the end of June the number of gas-powered cars and electric cars in Bulgaria increased by 50% as compared to the same month last year, data of Bulgaria’s Traffic Police show. The number of gas-powered cars increased with 51%- from 103,669 to..

07.07.20 09:52 |

Two-thirds of all vehicles in Bulgaria are over fifteen years old

The number of registered vehicles in Bulgaria by November 1, 2017 amounted to just over 3.6 million, data of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior shows. Over 1.38 million vehicles are over twenty years old and 1.05 million cars were manufactured sixteen..

09.11.17 11:12 |

The state tentatively encourages use of environmentally friendly vehicles

According to latest traffic police data, there are 173 electric cars and 2,001 hybrids registered in Bulgaria ; as well as 42 electric trucks, two buses and one tractor and 399 motorcycles and mopeds. Out of all hybrid cars 1,550 are powered by..

28.07.16 10:46 |
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