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Bulgaria Today – July 27, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” on Tuesday, July 27 th we bring you first the latest news stories from this country. Next on the show, we tell you more about an interesting exhibition in the town of Samokov. At the end, we bring you some new..

27.07.21 18:09 |

Gabriela Stoyanova and her ethnographic museum in the village of Gorna Glogovitsa

Gabriela Stoyanova started collecting antiques when she was still at school. Her collection has been growing over the years. Since 2010 it has been arranged in the former town hall of the village of Gorna Glogovitsa. We offer you a photo tour..

03.04.21 15:05 |

Kalina Muhova and the first book in Bulgaria with embroidered illustrations

One can recognize the eye-catching works of young Bulgarian artist Kalina Muhova by her characteristic calm and elegant style. Her exquisite pencil drawings, in black and white or colour, strike viewers with their depth and contrast. She has..

13.01.21 12:06 |

The magic of Bulgarian traditional embroidery

An exhibition is on at the National Museum of History with the motto “Creativity recreated”. It displays splendid embroidery pieces from the Bulgarians lands, as well as traditional costumes and jewelry. A wealth of traditional folk costume..

07.01.17 09:35 |
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