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Bulgaria after the heavy rainfall

Flooded streets, yards and houses, villages and neighbourhoods cut off by land- and mudslides – this is what Bulgaria looks like 24 hours after the severe rainfall. Fortunately no loss of life has been reported. Weather conditions have now..

13.01.21 14:21 |

Covid-crisis pushes TUs and employers to demand long-term help from the state

Since the beginning of the pandemic and the lockdown throughout the world, i.e. since March this year, the strain of safeguarding human life and health has inflicted unimagined damage on the economy, affecting, directly or indirectly, every..

29.12.20 17:29 |

Emergency epidemic situation extended until November 30

"The Covid-19 pandemic continues to be a severe public health emergency situation, both nationally and globally." These are the reasons behind the government's decision to extend the epidemic situation until November 30. As of September 19,..

23.09.20 12:17 |

Chief Health Inspector demands extension of emergency situation until end-November

Bulgaria's Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev has proposed to the Council of Ministers to extend the emergency situation in the country until the end of November. According to Kunchev, this is necessary due to the increased..

18.09.20 15:31 |

Anti-epidemic measures might continue after June 30

At the current new peak of the coronavirus, efforts are focused on monitoring the implementation of existing precautions. Control will be tightened, but the introduction of new restrictions is not planned, Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev - Chief State Health..

23.06.20 21:14 |
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