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Turkiyе committed to cooperate actively for the reduction of the migrant flow towards Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Premier Nikolay Denkov and Turkiye’s Ambassador in Sofia Aylin Sekizkok agreed to hold a regional round table on the problems of investors in Northeast Bulgaria. Turkish companies are among the largest employers in the region, but have..

08.07.23 10:28 |

Tripartite cooperation council fails to reach agreement on budget 2023

The tripartite cooperation council failed to reach agreement on the draft budget for 2023. Caretaker cabinet proposes a 2023 state budget with a 6.4% deficit Both employers and trade unions expressed serious concern over the excessive..

27.04.23 15:22 |

National Career Days 2023 open up new prospects for development

National Career Days 2023 opens up new prospects for the development of people’s talent and career growth. National Career Days offers an opportunity for live meetings and virtual interviews between employers and job seekers.  Visitors will find..

01.04.23 11:00 |

Employers to challenge decision on minimum monthly wage

The decision of the National Assembly on the minimum wage will be contested before the European Commission and the International Labor Organization. This was announced in Varna by the chairman of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association,..

02.02.23 18:10 |

Bulgaria’s Social Minister proposes that the minimum wage be set at EUR 398 as of January 1

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, employers and trade unions did not agree on the minimum monthly salary. This became clear at a briefing after today's meeting of the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation.  Bulgaria’s caretaker..

22.12.22 18:26 |

82% of employers plan giving Christmas bonuses

82% of employers plan to give their employees Christmas bonuses, according to a study by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, conducted among 100 branch organizations and enterprises from various sectors of the economy,..

22.12.22 14:39 |

Importing workforce from abroad will be an increasingly ‎common practice for Bulgarian businesses

The war in Ukraine, the ongoing economic uncertainty and inflation Bulgaria undoubtedly have their impact on people's incomes, as well as their purchasing power. And while the caretaker government timidly begins a conversation with unions and employers..

23.11.22 14:00 |

Bulgarian business sector calls for electricity price compensations to continue

Businesses have demanded compensation for high electricity prices. In a letter to the prime minister and ministers, employers' organizations remind that the current compensation scheme expires in September and call for urgent measures. A possible delay..

09.09.22 10:56 |

Rise of inflation continues to outpace income growth

Social inequalities and inflation are two of the leading problems in Bulgaria’s income policy. While inflation is a pan-European issue, provoked by external factors, such as the war in Ukraine, the price of energy carriers, etc., the wide gap between..

22.08.22 12:59 |

Minimum salary options being discussed

As of 1 January, 2023, the minimum salary will be calculated on the basis of a formula, instead of being calculated administratively. The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy presented, to businesses and TUs, three different options of the..

28.07.22 10:28 |
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