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Bulgaria calls on Brussels to label nuclear power as low-carbon energy source

Bulgaria joined 20 trade unions in the energy sector in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia in support of nuclear energy, the country’s Ministry of Energy said. The..

04.07.22 17:57 |

Energy independence is attainable as long as politicians and experts pool their efforts

As the energy, social and economic crisis unfolds, Bulgaria is reopening the discussion of the implementation of the Fit for 55 package and the green transition to a low carbon economy. According to the advocates of the green idea, the..

16.06.22 11:47 |

Bulgaria and Greece in negotiations over construction of new nuclear power plant

Bulgaria is negotiating with Greece to build a new nuclear power plant on Bulgarian territory. It will also be used by neighbouring countries under a long-term 20-year contract . It is being specified where it will be built, Deputy Prime Minister and..

28.02.22 11:07 |

VMRO party calls on Bulgaria and North Macedonia to form a federation

The congress of VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement party  adopted  a  declaration which  calls on the governments and political organizations in Bulgaria and North Macedonia to work towards the formation of a federation between the two..

13.02.22 15:41 |

Bulgaria and its place on the solar energy map

The new higher prices of electricity that came into force at the beginning of this month have caused dissatisfaction among businesses. The simplest explanation behind the need for yet another rise is higher carbon prices, which are currently..

21.07.21 09:55 |

Bulgaria is among most energy-independent countries in EU

Bulgaria is in the top five of the most energy independent countries in the EU by 2018, according to Eurostat. Bulgaria's energy dependence has decreased for the period 2000-2018 - from 50% to a little over 45%. On average for the EU, energy dependence is..

08.05.20 10:45 |

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