Gallup: GERB wins the parliamentary elections with almost 25%, We Continue the Change is second

The exit poll results of Gallup International Balkan, a media partner of BNR in the October 2 parliamentary elections, show that 8 political parties and coalitions will enter the new 48th parliament, as one of them is on the 4% threshold. The agency's..

02.10.22 21:15 |

7 parties enter the 48th Bulgarian parliament according to Alpha Research and Market Links, 6 parties according to Trend

Results of the exit poll of the sociological agencies "Alpha Research", "Market Links" and "Trend", registered with the Central Electoral Commission for the exit poll on the day of the elections for the 48th National Assembly, show the following..

02.10.22 20:49 |

Gallup: “We Continue the Change” lead with 25.8 percent of votes in Bulgarian parliamentary elections

The exit polls of the Gallup polling agency, a media partner of the Bulgarian National Radio, show the following distribution of votes from the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria, as of 8 pm on November 14, 2021: "We..

14.11.21 20:39 |

According to Alpha Research and Trend, GERB-SDS is first political force

The exit poll conducted by the Alpha Research Agency ranks GERB-SDS in the first place with 24.8% of votes, followed by "We Continue the Change" - 24.1%, BSP - 13.7%; MRF - 10.7%; "There is Such a People" - 9.9%; "Democratic..

14.11.21 20:34 |

Alpha Research and Market Links: GERB is leader, 6 political forces in the new parliament

Exit polls from other polling agencies besides Gallup show the following elections results by this time: Alpha Research: “GERB-SDS”: 23.5 % "There is Such a People" (ITN): 22,3% “BSP for Bulgaria”: 14.1% "Democratic Bulgaria": 14.1%..

11.07.21 20:25 |

Gallup: GERB leads with 0.6% in the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria

Results of the exit polls by Gallup polling agency, partner of the Bulgarian National Radio, show that the following distribution of votes in the parliamentary elections in this country on July 11, 2021  by 20:00  pm: “GERB-SDS”: 22.1 %, or 59..

11.07.21 20:13 |
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