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Minister of e-Government Bozhidar Bozhanov

Bulgaria urges European Commission to take steps to counter fake news

“Disinformation is a systemic problem in Bulgaria, and in other East European countries,” Minister of e-Government Bozhidar Bozhanov said for public service TV BNT. In his words, the most probable source of the disinformation campaigns is Russia...

20.05.22 13:55 |

More and more Bulgarians believe disinformation is detrimental to society

More and more Bulgarians say disinformation is detrimental to society, according to Eurobarometer’s Bulgaria country report. 73% say fake news is a problem at a national level, but also for democracy as such. People in this country trust less..

15.04.22 12:52 |
Tihomor Bezlov

Propaganda ploys and fake news – is there regulation of social media in Bulgaria in the conditions of war?

An Alpha Research survey conducted on the fourth day of the war in Ukraine shows a serious decline in Vladimir Putin’s approval rating in Bulgaria, down to 32%. But as the war unfolds, Russia’s hybrid warfare is entering a new, even more..

16.03.22 11:49 |

Media Literacy Index 2021: Bulgarian society among worst equipped to withstand the impact of fake news

Bulgaria occupies a place near the bottom of the media literacy index for 2021 – 30 th position out of 35 European countries, and falls into the same group as Greece (27), Romania (28), Serbia (29), Turkey (31) and Montenegro (32)...

24.03.21 11:36 |

Facebook to monitor authenticity of news in Bulgaria

Facebook introduces new regulations in Bulgaria and Hungary. A team of the social network, including two journalists- one from each of the two countries, will check posts for false and misleading information, as well as for information intended to..

02.03.21 18:37 |

Atlantic Club in Bulgaria organizes conference on fake news and vaccines

On December 17, the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria is organizing an online conference themed "Building resilience against misinformation: Is there a vaccine against fake news?" The event is organized  with the support of the Public Diplomacy Division of NATO..

17.12.20 07:05 |

Digital media literacy is needed to protect us from being easily manipulated

The correct and safe way of using the media is a key part of the definition of media literacy, but not the only one. This is a collective term for the skills that everyone needs to have in order to look at information in a critical way and not..

29.05.20 12:52 |

International conference in Sofia discusses fake news

Journalists, politicians, public figures, representatives of European and local institutions, NGOs, IT companies and experts are taking part in an international conference, taking place at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, called “Fake news of..

09.11.18 14:55 |

State Agency for National Security checks media over spreading fake news

State Agency for National Security checks which media have spread the fake news that euthanasia of animals in Strandzha Mountain because of established animal plague was servicing the purpose of depopulating the area in order for migrants to settle..

23.07.18 19:45 |
Mariya Gabriel

Mariya Gabriel: We can offer a mechanism to cope with fake news

"The biggest capital I have is my connection with people. Together we have put through a great many initiatives. What we need is dialogue and unity," said Bulgaria’s European commissioner for digital economy and society Mariya Gabriel for Bulgarian..

08.07.17 07:38 |

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