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Bulgarian National Assembly approves extra EUR 1.07 billion for acquisition of new fighter aircraft

The Bulgarian National Assembly has amended the 2019 state budget and increased the budget of the Ministry of Defense with EUR 1.07 billion. The amendment of the state budget aims to provide financing for the purchase of 8 new multi-role fighter jets..

19.07.19 16:28 |

Caretaker government places Gripen jets offer first

At a meeting on Wednesday, the caretaker government adopted the conclusions of the special committee set up for the acquiring of a new type of fighter jets. The committee has placed Sweden’s SAAB Gripen jets offer at first place, it was reported. The..

26.04.17 16:05 |

Minister of Defense Nikolay Nenchev: Bulgarian Armed Forces have as many fighter jets as necessary:

Today, I am very happy to inform you that the Bulgarian Armed Forces have as many fighter jets as necessary, Bulgaria’s Minister of Defense Nikolay Nenchev said at a ceremony, where he awarded the teams of the helicopters that have been extinguishing..

02.08.16 17:34 |

Bulgaria’s cabinet approves purchase of new fighter jets and patrol ships

Bulgaria’s cabinet approved at its regular weekly sitting three projects to the tune of EUR 500 million which concern the purchase of new fighter jects, two patrol ships and extension of the lifespan of the MIG-29 fighter jets. The operational..

30.03.16 14:26 |
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