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Bulgaria’s lawmakers finally adopt the amendment of the 2022 state budget

Following two days of debates, Bulgaria’s lawmakers have finally adopted the amendment of the 2022 state budget. “The MPs exercised responsibility against the backdrop of a complicated political situation. It will be difficult, yet not impossible,..

01.07.22 11:56 |

Government allocates further financial support to parents of children under 14

The Bulgarian state has allocated BGN 52 million (just over EUR 26 million) to support families with children under 14 years of age. The aid is for parents who are on unpaid leave to take care of their children after schools switched to online leaning..

24.03.21 11:02 |

Over EUR 850 million earmarked for Bulgaria’s agriculture sector

Over EUR 850 million will be allocated for Bulgaria’s agriculture sector until the end of 2020 under European and national funding, Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov said during a visit to a livestock farm .  The government is working in full gear..

18.10.20 14:04 |

Bulgarian carries to receive gratuitous help due to Covid-19 crisis

All licensed carriers in Bulgaria are to receive gratuitous financial assistance by the state to overcome the economic consequences of Covid-19 crisis. Depending on their turnover, the companies will receive between EUR 1,534 and EUR 230,081 , this..

02.10.20 14:11 |

Grant scheme aimed at providing assistance to small and micro companies has been delayed

The grant scheme aimed at providing gratuitous financial assistance to tens of thousands of small and micro companies in Bulgaria to the tune of EUR 1,500-EUR 5,000 has not started yet due to the delay of the expected permission from the European..

12.05.20 12:52 |
Social Minister Denitsa Sacheva

Parents on unpaid leave to receive one-time financial assistance

Parents in Bulgaria will be able to benefit from a one-time financial support to the tune of BGN 375 (EUR 192). It will be granted when both parents or a single parent take unpaid leave for at least 20 working days due to the inability to work remotely,..

11.04.20 10:49 |

Number of Bulgarian companies applying for state assistance under 60/40 scheme doubles

643 Bulgarian employers have so far submitted applications for financial assistance under the 60/40 scheme proposed by the Bulgarian authorities for the state of emergency period. The number of applications almost doubled as compared to the end of..

06.04.20 19:36 |

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