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Partial state of emergency declared in Lyubimets and Harmanli over wildfires

Because of a wildfire that has spread to more than 500 hectares of dry grass, shrubery and woodland between the villages of Oryahovo and Vaskovo near Haskovo, a partial state of emertgency has been put in place in the municipalities of Lyubimets and..

16.08.22 09:17 |

The fires raging in Mount Rila are not a danger to Rila Monastery

More than 80 firefighters, forestry workers and Rila Nature Park staff have been fighting to put out two fires covering some 50 hectares of land . One of the fires in the higher reaches of the mountain has been localized. The other fire is under..

27.05.22 18:40 |
Fires at Rila Mountain, 26 May 2022

80 firefighters try to put out high-altitude fires in Bulgaria's Rila Mountain for third day running

Specialized equipment has been used to make a passing through snow drifts near Makedonia Hut so fire fighters can reach high-altitude fires in the Rila Mountains. The fires are burning across an area of 37 hectares at 1,800 metres above sea level...

27.05.22 12:58 |

Museums and galleries in Bulgaria go on protest

In recent days, protests in Bulgaria have become a commonplace phenomenon, but not because of the pandemic-related restrictive measures, as in Europe, Canada or Australia, but because of the offensively low pay in a number of sectors . First..

22.02.22 12:05 |

Firefighters hold protest today

The National Fire and Rescue Union – “Ogneborets ” goes on a protest march today as a sign of dissatisfaction with the parameters set for the Ministry of Interior in the adopted at first reading state budget, as well as over the uncertainty about..

19.02.22 05:25 |

Bulgarian firefighters celebrate their professional holiday

On September 14, Bulgarian firefighters celebrate their professional holiday. President Rumen Radev also takes part in the solemn ritual on the occasion of the professional holiday of the Bulgarian firefighters, which takes place in the yard of the..

14.09.21 08:00 |

Fire in Rila Mountain affects 1.5 hectares of pine forest

A fire which broke out yesterday in Rila Mountain, Southwestern Bulgaria, affected 1.5 hectares of pine forest, announced the Director of the General Directorate of Fire Safety Chief Commissioner Nikolay Nikolov. In his words, firefighters already have..

11.08.21 14:21 |

Bulgaria sends firefighters to North Macedonia

Bulgarian caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev has ordered for help to be sent to the Republic of North Macedonia to combat the fires on the territory of the neighboring country. This will happen under the mechanism for mutual..

04.08.21 14:13 |

Bulgaria to send firefighters to North Macedonia to assist in putting out fires

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia has talked with the Bulgarian head of state Rumen Radev. The reason is the numerous fires in Bulgaria's neighbouring country. "We have agreed as soon as possible for Bulgaria to send fire brigades to..

03.08.21 10:21 |

Protest and counter protest take place downtown Sofia

Police officers and firefighters went on a second national protest downtown Sofia to demand a pay rise, BNR reporter Nikolay Hristov informs. Law enforcement officers are dissatisfied with the 15% wage increase planned in the 2021 state budget and..

29.11.20 14:04 |

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