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Angel Dobrev tells stories with his rebec

As a child, Angel Dobrev used to listen to the birds sing in his home village of Yamna. Like his grandfather, he made small music instruments to play with. In 1969, he received his first rebec from his father. He was impatient to..

31.01.21 07:10 |

Gyurga Pindzhurova: Magician of Bulgaria’s folk music

Gyurga Pindzhurova is one of the most emblematic figures in Bulgaria’s folk music field. Back in the 1930s, people used to call her "the magician of Bulgaria’s folk music". Her rich music repertoire isstored at the BNR music archives...

10.01.21 08:25 |
Stefan Dragostinov

Bulgarian composer creates "music remedy" against coronavirus

Prof. Stefan Dragostinov is a Bulgarian composer, pianist, conductor and pedagogue, the author of instrumental, choral, chamber and vocal music. He was a student of one of the greatest Bulgarian composers - Prof. Pancho Vladigerov. In the last..

24.12.20 15:58 |

BNR awarded prestigious international prize for folk music recording

The Bulgarian National Radio was awarded the special prize at the Svetozár Stračina Grand Prix Competition for radio folk music recordings held in Bratislava, Slovakia on 27 and 28 March. The love song Mari Todoro from Dobroudzha, performed..

29.03.19 17:42 |
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