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"With Kichka Savova’s Songs" festival once again gathers prominent folk musicians

The festival "With Kichka Savova’s Songs" is one of the most remarkable folklore events in Bulgaria. It is held in the village of Sladun, located in the southeastern part of the country, very close to the border with the Republic of Turkey. Its..

29.04.22 15:39 |

Zhechka Slaninkova: I can't imagine my life without the folk songs

Zhechka Slaninkova is a colossus of the Stranja folk singing tradition. She is one of the many talented singers of this folklore area who have established and popularized the true Stranja style and have given life to the ancient authentic..

30.03.22 17:20 |

“Mome”: a blend of Bulgarian folklore and modern club rhythms

The song "Mome" combines elements of Bulgarian folk music and the modern sound of club rhythms. It is performed by the young folk singer Diyana Vasileva and the producer with the artistic pseudonym Atazar.   "Mome" is a song about the beauty..

04.02.22 15:52 |

Snezhana Vitanova: Folk songs are a way of life for me

The singing skills of the renowned folk singer are an example of how the singing tradition is passed down from generation to generation. Her repertoire is of authentic songs from the region of Radomir where she was born (Western Bulgaria). It..

20.01.22 09:45 |

Bulgarian singer Todor Kozhuharov: The folk song is a universe and will always enchant us

With "The Magic of the Song", as he titled his repertoire book, renowned Bulgarian folk singer Todor Kozhuharov marks his 50 th artistic anniversary. A velvety voice, exquisitely mastered ornaments, inspiration and signature performance style have..

22.12.21 12:07 |

Darina Slavcheva’s master class – a gift for talented children

A few days ago a master class led by Darina Slavcheva ended in Plovdiv. The famous folk singer conducted the classes with eight children. In memory of her famous teacher Kichka Savova and as a continuation of her work, Ms. Slavcheva organized the..

26.08.21 18:03 |

The unforgettable Lyubka Rondova and her song “Smilyana”

Lyubka Rondova is a singer who will always be remembered with much appreciation and admiration. She dedicated her entire life to Bulgarian folk singing, she would even say that these songs were her children, so she treasured them and gifted them..

25.08.21 10:35 |

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