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Extreme fire risk in Bulgaria continues

On August 5, a day of mourning was declared in the municipalities of Petrich, Sandanski and Kresna in memory of the two foresters who lost their lives combating a fire near the village of Petrovo. Following the escalation of fires in the..

05.08.21 09:45 |

Fire near Sandanski causes casualties among people combating the disaster

Two forest rangers from the Southwestern State Forestry Enterprise  were killed while taking part in the efforts to extinguish the fire near Petrovo, Sandanski municipality, others have been injured. The wind probably turned around,..

04.08.21 16:49 |
Thomas Waitz

MEP Thomas Waitz: Bulgaria has fantastic protected forests, a very strong civic society and weak institutions

Bulgarian forests still have a good genetic fund but the law on illegal logging has to be applied more strictly, Austrian MEP Thomas Waitz, co-chair of the European Green Party, said in an interview for the BNR’s Horizont channel. Waitz, who..

08.07.21 10:43 |

Self-afforestation – natural way to replenish Bulgarian forests

2-3 millennia ago over 80% of Bulgaria’s territory was covered by forests. Over the years, this vast forest was gradually logged and turned into agricultural land and pastures. Thus, at the beginning of the 20th century, only 15% to 20%..

10.12.20 11:11 |

Volunteers to plant 21,500 trees in New Forest of Sofia this autumn

A total of 21,500 trees will be planted on an area of 43 decares under the New Forest of Sofia project this autumn . This has been planned by the Sofia Municipality, initiator of the project. Today marks the start of the autumn afforestation season...

24.10.20 11:11 |

Bulgarian old-growth forests win European Natura 2000 Awards 2020

Bulgaria ’s nomination- Partnership for Protection of Bulgarian old-growth forests in Natura 200 won the vote of the European citizens in this year’s European Natura 2000 Awards 2020 , the Executive Forest Agency announced. Bulgaria’s old..

15.10.20 10:45 |

Fire near Svilengrad has been put out

The fire between villages of Studena and Dervishka Mogila in the region of Svilengrad, has been put out. For three days, teams of firefighters, military and forest officials fought the fire, which destroyed 500 decares of deciduous and coniferous..

26.08.20 10:25 |

Huge forest fire causes evacuation of Vlahi village

The Bulgarian authorities have evacuated the residents of the village of Vlahi in southwestern Bulgaria because of the fire, which keeps raging in the Kresna gorge for the fifth day now. The evacuation of the population in Vlahi began at 2 pm,..

28.08.17 15:55 |

Big fire raging near transit gas pipeline to Greece

A big fire has been raging in the eastern part of the Kresna Gorge, near the transit gas pipeline to Greece. More than 2000 decares of forest have already been engulfed by the fire, which started from the village of Mechkul and reached close to the..

24.08.17 17:18 |

Struggle to protect Bulgarian forests goes on

Bulgarian forests are a huge natural treasure that continues to be reason for national pride in this country. Efforts aimed at preserving this treasure started long ago and continue to this day. But what are the recent threats to Bulgarian..

23.12.15 11:44 |
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