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Muslims in Bulgaria celebrate Seker Bayram

Bulgarians of the Muslim faith are celebrating Ramazan Bayram. The feast lasting three days – 13, 14 and 15 May – is celebrated at the end of the month of forgiveness, a time in which Muslims have fasted for 30 days. Ramazan Bayram begins with..

13.05.21 11:27 |
Priest Vasily Saryan of the Transfiguration Church in Sofia

Good Friday – a day for innersoul-searching and acceptance of unconditional love

"Forgive them, Lord, because they do not know what they are doing!" – with these words Jesus Christ gives forgiveness to his tormentors, redeeming the sins of mankind with His Crucifixion. Instead of a curse, he offers a sincere prayer..

30.04.21 06:05 |

Boyko Borissov: I forgive and ask to be forgiven!

“We, Christians believe that if we forgive insults, offences and inflicted pain, God will forgive us. When we forgive we tread the road to salvation,” writes PM Boyko Borissov on Facebook in connection with Cheesefare Sunday, marked today...

14.03.21 10:23 |

The power of forgiveness that purifies life

Cheesefare Sunday is one of the most colourful feasts in Bulgaria. It always falls on the Sunday before the start of Lent. The ritual also goes by the name of “Proshka” (forgiveness) because in popular tradition, the dinner on this..

14.03.21 08:50 |
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