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Velislav Minekov

Discussion to raise questions about media ownership and funding

The Ministry of Culture organises a discussion on the topic of "The State and Media", which will launch a public monitoring on topics such as media ownership, transparent public funding, freedom of expression and protection of journalists. Caretaker..

15.06.21 06:20 |

Why free speech still remains an unfulfilled dream for Bulgarian democracy

In Bulgaria, the date of November 10, 1989 is perceived as the beginning of the transition from Socialism to democracy. Three decades of slow readjustment of Bulgarian society followed. However, the initial joy and hope for a better life..

10.11.20 17:15 |
President Rumen Radev

President Radev: We are again faced with three historical tasks-rule of law, freedom of speech and fair elections

31 years ago on this day the transition to democracy began in Bulgaria. The hopes of the free citizens for a just society, free initiative and social Bulgaria have so far failed to materialize, this country’s President Rumen Radev wrote on Facebook...

10.11.20 11:42 |

Freedom of speech hotly debated in plenary by ruling party and opposition

The Bulgarian Parliament has approved the report on the work of the Electronic Media Council in 2019. The opposition criticized the activities of the media regulatory body, pointing to Bulgaria's 111 place in terms of freedom of speech and the need..

11.06.20 17:31 |

EC: Measures against Covid-19 should not endanger democracy

The European Commission has received the signal sent by the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union regarding the case with the union chairperson, Asena Stoimenova, who was accused of instilling panic in interviews given for Bulgarian public media outlets. The..

21.04.20 18:08 |

Bulgaria ranks 111th in media freedom chart

Bulgaria remains 111th among 180 countries in the media freedom report of the Reporters Without Borders non-governmental organization. The report shows that the media situation in Bulgaria has not improved despite great international pressure...

21.04.20 15:25 |

Bulgarian President Radev meets Radio Free Europe Director

President Rumen Radev and Radio Free Europe Executive Director Jamie Fly have discussed media environment in Bulgaria and freedom of speech. President Radev has pointed out that professional standards in journalism could only be upheld by free..

30.10.19 18:55 |

Ambassador of Germany to Bulgaria Christoph Eichhorn: It is up to all of us to uphold freedom of speech

Upholding freedom of speech is not only up to the government, a separate radio journalist or ambassador. It is up to all of us and it should happen on a daily basis, the new Ambassador of Germany to Bulgaria Christoph Eichhorn said in an interview for..

02.10.19 10:51 |

Journalists protest in Sofia in defense of freedom of speech

Dozens of citizens and journalists gathered downtown Sofia to voice their categorical stand against the imposition of censorship and pressure on media by politicians. One of the reasons that caused the protest was the ultimatum of Bulgaria’s Deputy..

11.10.17 14:52 |
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