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Balcony opera and children's songs for the French Festival of Music in Varna

The Black Sea city of Varna will embrace the spirit of the French Festival of Music on June 21 . The event, organised by Alliance Française Varna with the financial support of Varna Municipality, Varna State Opera and Pontica Solutions, will feature..

21.06.24 07:15 |

30 Years of Teaching Economics in French at Sofia University

Philanthropy and the vision for the progress of Bulgarian science and education define the development of higher education in the country. One of the greatest and most significant benefactors in Bulgaria's history was Evlogy Georgiev, a man with an..

17.06.24 14:02 |

French philology specialists in Bulgaria have good opportunities for professional realization

Francophone traditions in Bulgaria have a rich history dating back to the Bulgarian Renaissance. Even at that time, the French culture and language were held in high esteem by the more educated part of our society as a carrier of the European values. The..

28.05.24 10:15 |
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