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Domestic production of fruits and vegetables in Bulgaria is decreasing

In the first quarter of this year alone, Bulgaria imported 88,000 tonnes of fresh vegetables and nearly 95,000 tonnes of fresh fruits, according to data from the National Statistical Institute. On the other hand, the areas planted with fruits..

19.06.21 10:46 |

Bulgaria continues to import significant quantities of fruits and vegetables

Only 26% of the apples and 36% of the tomatoes on the Bulgarian market are produced in this country. 64% were imported from Turkey, Greece and North Macedonia. 55% of the cucumbers sold on the Bulgarian market are produced in this country and 45%..

15.04.21 09:29 |

Fruit and vegetable production in Bulgaria is extremely insufficient

Bulgaria is famous for the delicious fruits and vegetables that its land produces. Traditions in Bulgarian horticulture have paved the basis for this sector in a number of other European countries. However, it turns out that nowadays fruit and..

13.10.20 13:27 |

It’s pickling season

When autumn comes, you can smell the aroma of roasting peppers in the streets of the small Bulgarian towns and villages. Then you know that the season of pickled vegetables is coming. Diligent housekeepers try to preserve the summer fruits and..

19.09.20 05:05 |
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