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Municipalities will receive 50% of the funding needed for infrastructure repairs

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works will fund 234 municipalities for water and sewage, roads and streets. For this purpose, about EUR 209 million are provided through the restructuring of the ministry's budget, the ministry..

30.07.22 16:52 |

No delay in the expected money under the Recovery and Resilience Plan: Finance Ministry

More than 1.3 billion euros, which Bulgaria should receive this year under the Recovery and Resilience Plan, is expected to enter the national treasury in the autumn , the Ministry of Finance announced. There is no delay in the funding under this..

12.07.22 11:25 |
Boyko Borissov

Ministry of Finance: Funding under Recovery Plan to be cut because of Boyko Borissov government

The funding under the Recovery and Resilience Plan has been cut because of a mechanism signed by the government of Boyko Borissov, reads a position by the Ministry of Finance. The non-reimbursable funding for Bulgaria has been reduced by..

05.07.22 15:31 |

EC wants Bulgaria to reimburse 28.7 million euros of funding for guest houses

The European Commission expects Bulgaria to give back another 28.7 million euros provided by the EU budget for the construction of guest houses, said the representative of the EC Directorate of Agriculture Christina Borchmann at a hearing in the..

14.03.22 18:39 |

Restaurateurs, tour operators in Bulgaria call for state assistance for survival

In an open letter to Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, the Association of Restaurants and the Union of Restaurants in Bulgaria have demanded a meeting with the head of state due to many problems in the restaurant and entertainment industry over the past..

21.02.22 13:27 |
PM Kiril Petkov

Government to provide additional funding over electricity prices and Omicron

“The cabinet must provide an additional budget resource because of the high electricity prices so as to alleviate the burden on businesses,” Prime Minister Kiril Petkov stated during today’s cabinet meeting.  The government is also expected to..

30.12.21 17:03 |

Caretaker cabinet allocates EUR 5 million to 197 hospitals for oxygen therapy

Due to the higher costs for oxygen therapy, 197 medical establishments are to receive assistance amounting to EUR 5 million, the government press service has announced. This financial resource is to be distributed on the basis of the cases..

02.12.21 11:52 |
MEP Radan Kanev

MEP Radan Kanev: Media should apply for funding directly to the European Commission

The media  should stop receiving funding through EU operational programs. They should apply for financing directly to the European Commission instead, MEP Radan Kanev said in Brussels at the presentation of the report "The Invisible Hand of..

13.10.21 10:53 |
Betina Zhoteva

Council for Electronic Media informs EC about the reduced funding of public-service media

Betina Zhoteva has been appointed as Chairperson of the Council for Electronic Media (CEC). Four members of CEC voted in favor and one abstained.   The Council for Electronic Media also decided to send a letter to the European Commission in..

10.05.21 13:22 |
MEP Andrey Novakov

MEP: It is a myth that European funding for Bulgaria will be reduced

For the next programming period, Bulgaria will have access to more funds than it currently has. "It is a myth that European funding for Bulgaria will be reduced," Bulgaria's MEP Andrey Novakov (EPP) said during an online forum on "The EU budget for the..

10.12.20 17:31 |

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