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2 million euro from gambling to be spent on school sports

4 million Leva (almost 2 million euro) in revenues from gambling is to be distributed among state-run and municipal schools for the construction of new and the repair of existing gyms and playgrounds.   The sum has been budgeted for in a joint..

14.10.21 16:35 |

Protesters call for nationwide blockade on 14th day of antigovernment rally

Owners of casinos and gaming halls from across the country are protesting in Sofia against the amendments to the Gambling Act. They insist that the new texts to the Gambling Act be repealed. In their view, these are lobbying texts and will affect..

23.07.20 08:42 |
Representatives of the gambling sector on protest in front of the parliament in Sofia

Representatives of the gambling business go on protest

Owners and employees of gambling halls have gathered in several cities across the country to protest. They demand the repeal of the prepared amendments to the Law on Gambling, which provide for a minimum capital of BGN 3 million (over EUR 1.5 million)..

22.07.20 15:41 |
Finance Minister Goranov

Parliament demands to be given information about organizers of gambling games and their contribution to budget

The National Assembly has instructed Finance Minister Vlasdislav Goranov to submit to parliament, by 10 July, detailed information about the number of organizers of gambling games in the country, as well as about the budget revenues from fees and..

26.06.20 14:22 |

Prosecution rejects pressure by Vasil Bozhkov, hiding in Dubai

The Prosecutorial Board of the Supreme Judicial Council unanimously approved a declaration against a Facebook post by Vasil Bozhkov, who is currently hiding in Dubai. The gambling boss who is under investigation for 18 crimes claims that..

25.06.20 15:39 |

Bulgarian sports organizations oppose changes in Gambling Act

Bulgarian football clubs, as well as the Bulgarian boxing and basketball federations have spoken out against the submitted bill to amend the country's Gambling Act. According to the representatives of the sports organizations, the changes create..

16.06.20 17:40 |

Bill against gambling addiction now in parliament

Casinos and gambling halls to be allowed only in 5 star hotels, in national resorts and in settlements up to 20 km from the state border. This is proposed in a bill against gambling addiction by the deputy speaker of parliament and leader of one of the..

04.06.20 19:35 |
Bulgaria's Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov

Bulgaria’s Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov: Vasil Bozhkov is another Bulgarian who is evading justice.

Bulgaria ’s Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov called on businessman Vasil Bozhkov to pay his debt to the state to the tune of EUR 359 million in unpaid taxes. Minister Goranov said that Vasil Bozhkov, to whom 11 indictments have been..

08.05.20 17:09 |

Amendments to Gambling Act impose state monopoly on lottery games in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian National Assembly adopted on a second reading the proposals of the leader of the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria for amendments to the Gambling Act which bans private lotteries in this country . The license of the private..

07.02.20 11:58 |
 Prosecutor General's Spokesperson Siyka Mileva

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor’s Office denies accusations of Thrace Foundation

The Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office knows that it is opposed to a gambling organization with millions which will use this money to protect itself in the media , the spokesperson of Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General Siyka Mileva said on occasion of the..

31.01.20 15:54 |
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