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2020 was a good yet difficult year for Bulgarian wine makers

The past 2020, marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, was a good yet difficult year for Bulgarian vine growers and wine makers. It was also quite dry, which created conditions for a good grape harvest. This was summarized for BTA by Prof. Ivan Pachev -..

29.12.20 08:59 |

Karnobat grape brandy enters list of drinks protected by geographical indication

The European Commission has approved Bulgaria's request for the Karnobat grape brandy /„Karnobatska grozdova rakya“/„Grozdova rakya ot Karnobat“/ to enter the list of protected geographical indications. The Commission states that the brandy has at least..

30.11.18 16:46 |

This year expected to see fine grape harvest

Bulgaria is expected to make about 160 million liters of wine from his year’s grape harvest and is set to export 60 million liters, said Minister of Agriculture and Food Desislava Taneva in Plovdiv during the start of the grape harvesting campaign...

26.09.16 16:36 |
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