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Bulgaria reports 472 new Covid-19 cases, only 293 doses of vaccine administered in past day

As of today, 21 March, the requirement for a green certificate for all activities and events in Bulgaria in place so far, is being lifted. 472 is the number of coronavirus cases registered on Sunday out of 4,717 tests performed in the..

21.03.22 09:42 |

Green certificates for Covid-19 no longer required in Bulgaria as of 21 March

As of Monday, March 21, "green certificate" requirements for all activities and events in Bulgaria are completely dropped , the Ministry of Health announced. Attendance at higher education institutions will resume starting on the same date. It..

17.03.22 14:41 |

Visitors at public facilities are no longer required to present green certificate

As of March 10, visitors at public facilities are no longer required to present a green certificate. This is the second step to ease anti-epidemic restrictions, which is due to the falling coronavirus morbidity in Bulgaria. However, the green..

10.03.22 10:33 |

Bulgarian government plans on lifting all Covid restrictions on March 20

March 20 is the possible date for cancellation of all Covid restrictions in Bulgaria, including the revocation of the green certificate . This was announced by Bulgaria's Prime Minister Kiril Petkov at an extraordinary governmental briefing. The green..

21.02.22 16:34 |
Alexander Simidchiev

50 Bulgarians die from the virus every day: pulmonologist Alexander Simidchiev

It has been 700 days since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic. 50 people are dying from the virus in Bulgaria every day on average, pulmonologist Dr. Alexander Simidchiev said for Nova TV. Vaccination rate has decreased sharply, which is due to..

21.02.22 11:20 |

University students insist on in-person training and the removal of green certificates

Resumption of the in-person classes as soon as possible and dropping of the green certificates as of March as a condition for access to the higher schools. This was requested in a position to the Ministers of Health and Education from the National..

11.02.22 18:12 |
The leader of

“Vazrazhdane” party threatens to organize another protest against the green certificate

“Vazrazhdane” party has threatened to organize another protest after February 20, as Premier Kiril Petkov has not yet decided whether and when the green certificate would be abolished. Acording to the leader of the opposition party, Kostadin..

11.02.22 12:19 |
Kostadin Kostadinov

Vazrazhdane party challenges green certificate at the Constitutional Court

The opposition party Vazrazhdane will lodge an appeal with the Constitutional Court today, challenging the introduction of the green certificate.   For the purpose the party has collected the 48 signatures necessary at the National Assembly –..

03.02.22 14:20 |
PM Kiril Petkov

PM Kiril Petkov: The green certificate will be abolished when intensive care bed occupancy rate drops to 5%

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov declared he has not assumed a commitment to Vazrazhdane party that the green certificate will be abolished . Prime Minister tells Vazrazhdane party that green certificate will be lifted by April He..

02.02.22 14:32 |
Kostadin Kostadinov

Prime Minister tells Vazrazhdane party that green certificate will be lifted by April

In a telephone conversation with Vazrazhdane party leader Kostadin Kostadinov, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said the green certificate would be lifted by April, the opposition politician announced on his Facebook page. "The..

02.02.22 11:31 |

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