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Ministry of Education and Science introduces green certificate requirement for its employees

The Ministry of Education and Science has become the first to introduce a green certificate for its employees, it became clear from an order by Minister Nikolay Denkov. Starting on January 24, 2022, all buildings of the..

20.12.21 13:30 |

Kiril Petkov makes green certificate mandatory at the Council of Ministers

Bulgaria’s government has introduced a mandatory green certificate for entering the Council of Ministers building. This was announced by Lena Borislavova, head of PM Kiril Petkov’s office. Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Petkov will sign the decree..

16.12.21 14:55 |

Premier Kiril Petkov calls on Bulgaria’s business to make green certificates mandatory

Premier Kiril Petkov has issued a decree to make the green certificate mandatory at the Council of Ministers. Kiril Petkov called on Bulgaria’s business to follow the example of the administration, which would increase vaccination rates in the country...

14.12.21 11:40 |

No green certificate required to enter parliament

A green certificate will not be required to enter the buildings of the National Assembly, the Bulgarian MPs have decided. GERB's proposal to make the document mandatory sparked three days of debates but was rejected. Prof. Alexander..

10.12.21 12:01 |

Classes will have in-person attendance if 30% of the pupils undergo testing or have a green certificate

Classes will have in-person attendance if 30% of the pupils in them want to go back to class with testing or with a green certificate – the document certifying vaccination, recovery from Covid-19, antibody levels or negative laboratory test result...

09.12.21 17:15 |
Desislava Atanasova, chair of the GERB-SDS parliamentary group

Parliamentary opposition demands single standard for green certificates

At the first regular sitting of the 47 th National Assembly, GERB-SDS demanded that the MPs vote for a mandatory Covid vaccination green certificate requirement for entry into parliament building.  If the proposal is rejected, the opposition has..

08.12.21 10:25 |

Citizens of 14 countries can enter Bulgaria upon presenting green certificate

As of December 1, the order of the Minister of Health which requires presenting a negative PCR test upon entering the country will be revoked for those having a green certificate and arriving from 14 destinations in the European Union. This was..

26.11.21 18:25 |

Hotel and restaurant operators infuriated by PCR test requirement in addition to green certificate

Hotel and restaurant keepers from Sandanski will organize a protest unless the Health Ministry revokes its decision for a PCR test mandate upon entry into Bulgaria from Greece. The association of local tourist businesses sent an open letter to..

26.11.21 12:56 |

Citizens’ initiatives appeal green certificate mandate in court

The citizens’ initiatives Freedom for All and Bulgarian Parent Central Committee are demanding that the 3 rd November order by Health Minister Stoycho Katsarov, enforcing a green certificate mandate, be repealed.  They have lodged an appeal with..

18.11.21 16:01 |
Health Minister Stoycho Katsarov

Health Minister: The green certificate remains in force

The number of new infections is decreasing and the number of vaccinated and tested citizens is increasing. The green certificates, as they were introduced, have done their job , Bulgaria's Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov told Nova TV. Most..

18.11.21 10:17 |
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